Apologies, I am late yet again, please forgive me.

Today the Author of my book is the British Writer Sebastian Faulks.

Born  –  April 20, 1953  –  Donnington, Berkshire, England.

Sebastian Faulks was born April 20, 1953 in Donnington, Berkshire to Peter Faulks and Pamela (nee Lawless).  His father was a decorated soldier (he won the Military Cross), who later became a solicitor and Judge.  His brother Edward Faulks, Baron Faulks QC, a Barrister, became a Conservative Government Minister in January 2014 in the Ministry of Justice.  Sebastian Faulks was educated at Elstree School, Reading and went on to Wellington College, Berkshire.  He read English at Emmanuel College Cambridge of which he was made an Honorary Fellow on 2007.

His first Novel A Trick of the Light published 1984.  In 1989 he published The Girl at the Lion d’Or, the first of his historical novels set in France.


The Fatal Englishman  –  Three Short Stories.  It is a classic.

Christopher Wood, a beautiful young Englishman, decided to be the greatest painter the World had seen.  He went to Paris in 1921.  By day he studied, by night he attended the parties of the beau monde.  He knew Picasso, worked for Diaghilev and was a friend of Cocteau.  In the last month of his 29 year life, he fought a ravening opium addiction to succeed in claiming a place in the history of English painting.

Richard Hillary, confident, handsome and unprincipled, flew Spitfires in the Battle of Britain before being shot down and horribly burned.  He underwent several operations by the legendary plastic surgeon, A. H. McIndoe.  His account of his experiences, The Last Enemy, made him famous, but not happy.  He begged to be allowed to return to flying, and died mysteriously in a night training operation, aged 23.

Jeremy Wolfenden was born 1936, the Son of Jack, later Lord Wolfenden.  Charming, generous and witty, he was the cleverest Englishman of his generation, but left All Souls to become a hack reporter.  At the height of the Cold War, he was sent to Moscow where his louche private life made him the plaything of the intelligence services.  A terrifying sequence of events ended in Washington where he died at the age of 31.

Not one of my favourite books, but I have read Faulks The Girl at the Lion d’Or and Birdcage which I can thoroughly recommend.  Birdcage was dramatized by the BBC and was a massive hit.  The Girl at the Lion d’Or I found so hard to put down so if you have not read it, do give it a try.



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