Damp day

cold day

as I sit here typing

my kitchen

I can see

nothing but bedding to be ironed

by me

that has to be my favourite job

I don’t think


My Dog Daisy sits alongside me

all cuddled up in her bed

“The Streets of San Francisco” plays on the tv

“hint hint” to anyone who knows me

I can’t sit here all day

ignoring this ironing

three full beds

glory be


Sooner I stop typing

the sooner

the Iron is hot

and I stand all day

ironing away

cold, damp and miserable day

and ironing to do

well lucky me





Mel Torme, such a beautiful song.

10 thoughts on “DAMP DAY

    1. Thanks for asking Rob,honestly in absolute agony. One Doctor thinks it could be Shin Splints another Doctor thinks not but has no idea what it is in my right leg. All I know is come morning when I have to get out of bed I am screaming as soon as my foot touches the ground, and the almighty pain all day. One Dr the other day prescribed Liquid Morphine with a warning to me, as I am already wearing Morphine Patches for years. Waiting for an appointment to see Bone Specialist. X Rays came back clear, but its a scan thats needed. Not doing much on the internet at the moment Rob because of the pain, and I can barely walk even around the house is a problem. I keep telling the Drs about my Diabetes 2 could that be a connection, never get an answer just a movement of their heads. So sorry if I don’t answer you as I feel I should. As long as you are OK, please tell Meg I was asking for her, if you would be kind enough to do so. You take care Rob and thanks again for asking.

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      1. I’ve had shin splints before and they are truly agonizing. I used to have to stretch them out by putting my toes against a wall and lean into them. I hope that your doctor helps you alleviate the pain.


    1. No, of course there is far much more than that, being a good Mother. Its just guilt, making sure someone sleeps in freshly ironed bedding I guess, feeling I have done my best, oh I don’t know Cheryl just the way I am.

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