Don’t be a fool

and lose it all

for Friendship

does not come knocking

so easily on our door

as we get old


Words said

meant not really

passion rises

and no one is wrong

“its your fault not mine”

“yours” the words are shouted


All those years ago

when David was here

and we would argue

or was it me

he would walk away from me

and that would annoy me more

so I would ignore him

for a good ten minutes

then tell him

with my arms around him

“are you sorry you upset me”

well David would throw his head back

and smile and laugh

“you bitch” he would say

“its the Irish in me” I would laugh


Time is short

sometimes shorter than we think

and all the words never meant

are they worth it

no of course not

my best friend in the entire World

was David he knew me too well

I was 16 years old he was 46years

years later we Married

for 19 years until he Died


How many rows

I don’t know

then he changed

thugs and violence and near death

ruined our World

our Sons were small

and violence had entered their your lives

David was never the same again

and rows would erupt

and do I regret them

after all these years

widowed 22 years you bet I do


Friendships made

they must be kept

senseless words

in the end not worth the loss

of a Friend






Just Because I love the Song plus I love Sinatra, as you probably know by now.



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