Do Ghosts or Spirits exist, and if they do can they be friendly or not.  Well many of you I have no doubt have had experiences.  I know I have, I know that my Sons and myself when on holiday have, even when my late Husband was alive we had experiences – friendly or not.

Many years ago now when our Boys were only young, we decided to rent a holiday cottage in Cornwall, a beautiful County in the South West of England.   Actually a place called St Mawgan where there was and may well still be, an RAF Air Base.

It was around the end of August, last week and and first week of September.  Always had those weeks, then about four days after returning from holiday the Boys would return to school, or one would if old enough.  Well off to St Mawgan we went and the Cottage we thought we had rented was not exactly a cottage it was a small house that was part of a private estate.  The little house was situated in cleared woodland but there was woodland near us, the Estate had woodland walks.  We were situated above the Valley of St Mawgan, the beach was not that nearby it was a drive.  My late husband had to do all the driving, as I did not drive and he would never teach me, which was a bone of contention, because he could be quite tough on me he would tell me “you want to drive get the professionals to teach you”, knowing I did not have the money to spare.  Since the first week of Marriage in 1975 I was put on a budget and still was, even to his death in 1994.

I used to think it was unfair when David would refuse to take the Boys and myself to this place or that, he was often he said tired and wanted a break, fair enough I suppose, he was 30 years older than me so he got tired and perhaps the Boys were too much, but they were well behaved.  More than not David would always take us down to the Beach on holidays, leave us there and go off on his own walking or in the Car, he would come back a few hours later.  I found it very hard and upsetting, but thought well it was “me”  he needed to be away from, the boys had to come first so I made sure they had fun.

I didn’t like this house we rented, David said it was fine but I thought it was creepy and it felt cold, it was no cottage.  The main bedroom was downstairs not much furniture to speak of and I had to save hard to come here, not worth it, but we were here now.  The Boys only young, their bedroom was upstairs under the roof it seemed and they were slightly scared.  That first night, the youngest, not even at school cried in his bed he was scared and I said the boys should not be up there “well where are they going to go” said David, “here with us” I said, not happy David agreed to let the “baby” as he was called to sleep with us, poor little Jonathan only about 5 years was scared upstairs on his own, I wanted him with us, David said “no” “then I’ll sleep upstairs and let the children here with you” I said, adamant David declared, “No this is where you sleep, Jonathan stays upstairs he is old enough” well he was not and he was scared and I left the light on all night.  Received complaints later from the owners that I had left the top bedroom light on all night, too bad.

I couldn’t sleep in the place, David had no problem, he never did.  The Baby slept between us in the large double bed and poor little Jonathan upstairs with the sheets pulled up high over his head and the lights on.  Hour after hour I would try to sleep, but to no avail.

It was about the second or third night there, and we were booked for two LONG weeks, I tried so hard to sleep but couldn’t (perhaps this is why I still have problems, who knows).  The Village Clock would strike every hour, LOUD.  This second or third night, the Village Clock down below in the Valley struck every hour and when it got to 3am I suddenly felt petrified, why I didn’t know but I went cold all over and I felt there was evil around.

I shook David to wake, after several goes of pushing him in his arms his back, he woke “what is it now” he said “did you hear that” I said, “hear what” David asked, “that noise outside its creepy, its so cold in here, do you feel it David” I asked, “NO” and “go back to sleep for God’s sake, you will wake the baby next”.  The baby didn’t wake, but I kept looking at the clock it was 3.15am and THEN……………………………………………..

THEN, I go cold now thinking of it, TAP TAP on the bedroom window.  I was stuck to the bed sheets, I wanted to scream but couldn’t, I woke David this time really making sure he woke up “what what’s wrong”, “there is someone outside” I said to him, “don’t be stupid” he said, “there is I heard it there’s someone outside” I pleaded.  “well if there is probably kids from the village” he told me, “can’t you look” I asked. a resounding “NO” came back and he went back to sleep.

Could I sleep, not bloody likely, I was a nervous wreck, 3.30am TAP TAP on the window, David ignored me, I crept out of bed holding my breath peeped through the curtains but nothing, nothing out there.  I went back to bed, no sooner had I got back into bed and Horses Hooves as though on cobbles.  I wanted out of there, I sat there until David woke probably 7am I had sat up all night terrified and told him so, “don’t be silly” he said.

“I want to go home” I asked, “if you think I am driving all the way back to Clacton-on-Sea from here after a couple of days you are mistaken, pull yourself together”.  Isn’t that always the answer “Pull Yourself Together”.  Well I tried my best, gave the boys the best I could, walking in the woods, finding stones, bits of wood, woodland flowers to press all those things, going to the beach, making sandcastles, playing in the sea.  David brought them a Dinghy, tied a big rope to it, they would climb in hold on tight and squeal with delight when the waves would splash them and I would pull them out in the water.  It was fun and they enjoyed it, but every evening back to this cold miserable scary place, where I would cook every night, holiday from home!  There was no tv in the place, Horrors now my Sons have to have two in their bedrooms, not joking.  Every room in our House has a TV, I don’t know how many tvs we give away, throw away, and whats on tv well rubbish these days.  Anyhow there was no tv just radio and horror above horror David would have to talk to me, well I talked he gave the impression he listened.  Always doing his Crossword in the Telegraph or asleep.  I would write or try to draw.

Then it would be bedtime and I would sit up in bed, my knees pulled up to under my chin, feeling so cold and waiting, waiting for 3am.  Precisely 3am Village Clock would chime or whatever just loud noise to me.  I would watch every second on the clock I always took on holiday with us, “TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK”, then 3.15am TAP TAP on the window, look to David he was snoring, Baby asleep.  I would creep out of bed, looked through the curtains NOTHING.  Quickly run upstairs to Jonathan, he was sound asleep, sheet pulled up under his little chin, blue eyes closed blond hair peeking out of the top and I could see the outline of “Peter” his much loved Teddy Bear clenched in his little arms.  (He better not see that bit).

Quickly go down and back into the bed, sitting up and watch the clock “TICK TOCK TICK TOCK” – 3.30am and the Horses hooves on Cobblestones up and down, but tonight/this morning not just the sound of horses hooves but the sound of wheels big wheels like on a Carriage.

I told David he needed to ask the owner about it, they had never heard anything, never existed of course except in my mind, but it did oh IT DID.

I sought out the tourist Office and discovered it had been a very very large Stately Estate, Stables and Coach Houses to store the  Coaches and the Stables for the Horses, it had all been cobble stones, Woodland had been all around, and the Manor House of course in its day.

We left at the end of the two weeks, the Boys remember the Beaches the Dinghy Boat, the Surfboard, I had forgotten that.  Jonathan remembers the creepy bedroom but thats all.  David, well he died 1994, did he remember any of it when I would talk about it, no not really.

As for me,I REMEMBER IT ALL, still have problems sleeping – can’t go to bed until 5.30 6am.  I remember the sounds of the Horses Hooves and the TICK TOCK of the Village Clock and I certainly remember the TAP TAP ON THE BEDROOM WINDOW.


Have any of you ever had any ghostly/spirit  experiences anywhere.  Its happened a number of times to us, or just my youngest Son and myself, and my Dog “Daisy” she has “seen” things………………………………………………………………………………but that is all for another time.

Remind me to tell you about the doors in an apartment that locked at night were unbolted and opened next morning, the walking muddy boots left in the hall, next morning all cleaned and outside bedroom doors and the CREEPING WALLPAPER  THAT BUBBLED AND………………………………LEFT MY YOUNGEST SON AND MYSELF SHAKING CLINGING TO EACH OTHER, this was in KILLARNEY in IRELAND.

Take Care wherever you go.    Anna.


  1. Why Anna! I believe you’ve found your niche as a storyteller! Ghost stories! Yes. I’ve had two very interesting experiences. One scary, one not. Your cottage experience… If I had to guess, I’d say something awful that happened there sent out a LOT of negative energy that was still feeding on itself because there was no resolution. No doubt you took some of that home with you. I wonder what you’d have to do to put it to rest… Ever thought about that?

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