Robert F. Kennedy  –  –  TO SEEK A NEWER WORLD

The first time I went to America, I purchased this Book, along with other books on the Life of not only  John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but the Kennedy Women.

As I was spending a month in America, I managed to read this book at that time, I have read it again over the years but some time ago.

=======================================================================   –    TO SEEK A NEWER WORLD

These essays by Robert F. Kennedy, which grew out of speeches, travel and his experience as Attorney General and a United States Senator, pose a simple question for America, and consequently for the whole Free World, in the 60s and 7os:  “Are we willing to dare?”

Today’s challenges are awesome in scope and baffling in complexity.  A military coup in Brazil may affect the entire hemisphere and endanger the Alliance for Progress.  Riots and decay in American cities pose the dangers of war in the streets, and a permanent alienation of black and white in America.  Vietnam raises the possibility of recurrent draining conflict, with a huge and unknown China beyond.  And over all loom the new weapons of war, threatening at every moment to destroy all they were designed to defend.

But for all the problems, says the author, our fortunes need not and cannot be surrendered to an inscrutable fate.  The question posed is not to the Americans’ resources, not to their ability, but to their commitment and character.

To this question  Robert Kennedy repeatedly addresses in To Seek A Newer World.  As a major architect of American positions and policies at home and abroad since 1961, he is candid in assessing his countrymen’s shortcomings and mistakes.  Yet his call for a  new ordering of national priorities is a hopeful on-to match American heritage and power with a new effort of will – to seek a newer world for the United States, and for the community of man.


I liked Robert Kennedy so much, admired him immensely and believed like so many others did, that he would be the Democratic choice to run for President, and I had absolutely no doubt that he would become President of the United States just as had his elder Brother, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

I believed in all he did, I believed he would change the World, make it a better place.  How naive we can be when young, even old.  As his wife, Ethel, would say “its our turn, its our turn for you to be President”, is that what it was all about?

Would Bobby Kennedy have made things better would he have changed the world, well we shall never know.  Just as so many to this day still believe that Jack Kennedy was the best thing since sliced bread.  What is true about him, that he cared yes I think he did, would he have ended Vietnam, no I don’t believe he would have after all wasn’t he the one who sent the “advisers in” at the beginning.  Kennedy had difficulty in keeping his zipper done up on his trousers, not the first President to do so, there was another notorious one whose wife expected to be President now.

I am not saying John Kennedy was not a good man, he was its just that we placed him high on a pedestal and he will never be knocked down.  Is Robert Kennedy on that pedestal, I don’t think so.  Without doubt he would have been President, but some fool or more likely some “patsy” was used to make sure Robert Kennedy never became President.

There is as they say the curse of the Kennedy Family, and being of Irish descent I do believe in that, far too much happened to the Family.  On that hot June evening in LA an Assassin’s bullet made history in the death of Robert Kennedy (he did survive that night but died the next day), the Assassin destroys the beliefs of Robert Kennedy, the wish of his wife and the Hopes of People throughout the World.

How have things changed in America, it is not for me to say, only Americans can, accept he was right about the riots he was right about the Black and White situation.  Is America a better Country  than in 1968, thats for only Americans to say.  From someone looking in, like my Country too many good values standards are gone, can we ever gain any back, well thats to be seen.


=========================================================================     Beautiful worthwhile people are so “High Up There” that there is this aura around them, that is is their fate that something tragic will happen.  They are too good they will change the World for the Better.

Here in the UK we had, without doubt, the most Beautiful Woman in the World, who would one day Become the Queen of this the United Kingdom, her name was Her Royal Highness, Diana, Princess of Wales.  There was far too much jealousy that surrounded her, they did not like the fact that she was so beautiful but most of all “The Family” did not like the fact that she was SO POPULAR  not only in this Country, but the World.

I don’t know why but when she married so called “Charles” she was far far too good for him, I could not see her as Queen there was just something there.  Then it all went wrong, Diana said herself in the unique telling TV Interview she always knew she would never be Queen, she also stated that he Charles “is not fit to be King” and by God the Lady had that so right. In stating Charles was not fit to be King, I remember as I was glued to the tv watching and listening to her, that I said “she had sealed her fate”.

Charles acts the sad widower when Diana Died in a “so called Accident”, then later marries an old bag a right old b…h that set Diana up with Charles her Lover, she slept with Charles on the eve of his wedding to the beautiful young Girl, at St Pauls Cathedral, he even wore a piece of jewellery with his C entwined with another C for the old bag’s name “camilla” – I can think of a far better name for her.

I am not a Royalist, and when the Queen dies I so hope that will be the end of them, but I will protest if that Charles “tampax man” as I and others call him, ask me why?  Ever becomes King, and if he ever makes it (one year older than me) he better not make that w…e Queen!!

Just as John F Kennedy Assassinated by those High Up

Just like Robert F Kennedy Assassinated by those High Up

Diana, HRH Princess of Wales was “dealt with by those High Up”, that I have absolutely no doubt.  It will probably be 100 years if not longer before the truth is released but there are people out there that were there that night and they know the truth they know how that stunning beautiful Lady died.

I don’t know if there are statues to remember John Kennedy, I know there is the “Eternal Flame”, but at last here there will be something “decent” after all this time, to the memory of Diana.  Undoubtedly, out of the Public Purse, A Statue of Diana will stand outside of, in the grounds of Kensington Palace, where she lived.  Shame on this Country, utter disgrace on the part of the Royal Family, that it has taken until now to erect a Statue to the Lady who WOULD HAVE BEEN, SHOULD HAVE BEEN, Queen of the United Kingdom.

Those that visit London from abroad, there is a ridiculous sort of Fountain/stream in Kensington Gardens they erected in her memory, don’t bother visiting, waste of time and any Foreigners coming to the UK don’t waste your money on a visit to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle – the latter keep your money in your purse/wallets, its rubbish.  Save yourself from being pushed and shouted at by the so called “Guards” who act as security.


==========================================================================From Robert Kennedy Book TO SEEK A NEWER WORLD is the following:

“Perhaps we cannot prevent this world from being a world in which children are tortured.  But we can reduce the number of tortured children.  And if you don’t help us, who else in the world can help us do this?”

Albert Camus



“The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks:

The long day wanes:  the slow moon climbs:  the deep

Moans round with many voices.  Come, my friends,

“Tis not too late to seek a newer world.

Push off, and sitting well in order smile

The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds

To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths

Of all the western stars, until I die.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson






I hope you like the Seekers, I used to love them, she had a great voice.  Anna.







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