Well I Did It

I know it does not seem much

but out today I went

albeit to

the Hairdressers

and I felt pampered and good

I know it won’t seem much to you

but I don’t go out

except to Doctors Surgery

my food

books or CDs



you name it

all via the Internet

I think about going out

but don’t

we lock ourselves up

in our own Prisons

whatever the reason

mine pain

but we tell ourselves

I’ll go out

yet don’t

but today I did


or the next day

who knows?






4 thoughts on “Well I Did It

  1. Lock our selves up on our prisons? I can relate. I did not really know my neighbors in a community I lived in for 14 years until I started walking as part of my post-surgical rehabilitation. Just finished a walk and a chat with my neighbor Pam.

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    1. David, that sounds very good and you put me to shame. I have a lovely dog and I should make the effort. I am also fortunate in living in a nice place – the Beach, the Sea well about 10/15 mins walk at my pace but its there and its such a pretty walk. Its getting to the gates and actually going through, but you must know as I do there is nothing worse than pain 24 hours a day and my Doctor’s answer “another Morphine Patch”!!


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