I purchased this little book nearly twenty years ago and often refer back to it.

I hope you will find the following quotes interesting.


Under the bright sun, many of us are gathered together with different languages, different styles of dress, perhaps even different faiths.  However, all of us are the same in being humans, and we all uniquely have the thought of “I,” and we’re all the same in wanting happiness and in wanting to avoid suffering.    –    1984 address


I feel the most important thing is for us to keep in close contact, to express our views frankly and to make sincere efforts to understand each other.  And, through eventual improvement in human relationships, I am confident that our problems can be solved to our mutual satisfaction.    –    1985  address


The anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki reminds us of the horrifying nature of nuclear destruction.  It is instant, total, and irreversible.  Like our neglect and abuse of the natural environment, it has the potential to affect the lives, not only of many defenseless people living now in various parts of the world, but also those of future generations.


Come together and think in terms of one world.


You see, a nation is dying.  My strength comes from the justice of my cause, and I think from my compassion, but I need help.  Not just with a few nice words, but with some kind of action.  I believe that usually young people are very good at action.    –    1996 address


I consider my commitment to Tibetan freedom status is part of spiritual practice.  Unless some degree of freedom or autonomy materializes, sooner or later Tibetan Buddhist culture will die.    –    1997 address



I think the quotes say it all.  I believe we have all become far too angry in this world.  Freedom, what freedom one can ask as we look around the World, our World.  Protests, arguments in major Cities over what.  So called Celebrities making themselves “look good”, do they really care about what they scream out – no they don’t.  These people go back to their Mansions, the millions, billions of $ or whatever currency.  They claim to want to want to “adopt” babies/children from foreign lands to “save them” – they are buying them.

I am personally sickened when I hear or see these so called “celebrities” appealing for money for this cause that cause, how much do they really give how much have they taken from their banks and handed over, nothing, they even charge for doing the appeals.

I used to donate, going back to 1974 when I first started to donate to charities, I used to donate to between five or six, never less than five charities a month – £5.00 a month I would pay via direct debit.  Every Christmas, some of the charities I would stop in order to donate to two or three others, but still maintaining five/six charities at £5.00 per month.  Then one day “WaterAid” phoned me up and asked for more money and I said I could not increase the payment, the chap said another £2.50 a month, I said “no” then he badgered me until he was finally asking “another 50pence a month”, I said “no”, and decided to ask him how much was he being paid.  He told me he was on commission hence the badgering, and then told me how much his company were paid by the charity to raise money.  I was sickened and appalled, I told him I was cancelling the direct debit.

I did some researching and discovered just how much actually goes to these charities, very little.  I cancelled most of the direct debits, still maintain two animal charities.  I don’t mind giving to charity if it really helps but I object to lining the pockets of individuals who are out to make money.  People like that so called “mother” madonna ( I feel like vomiting every time I say that name of hers) stop buying children, handover some of your millions, like all the others – they need to shut their mouths and do some good works and keep what they do to themselves.

Yesterday we heard in the news that Johnny Depp has lost or wasted millions  and millions of $ on wine, yachts/homes/cars you name it.  How many houses does one individual need, how many cars can one person drive at a time, same with boats and private jets – absolute stupidity.  Yet people like him tell the rest of us to “give give give” to charities.


The World is so troubled, people are so troubled, people fear for their future the next generation what for them?   Maybe its true all the good times are behind us.  Unfortunately, I don’t have, but so would adore to have Grandchildren.  I know that it would worry me so much what was going to happen for them in this world.

I am beginning to stop looking at the evening news, I want to see the Headlines and yet every single time I try to look at the BBC headlines they’re not only ignorance bad manners but extreme bias when they should be partial shows through.   “TRUMP” they declare – “Trump” whether you or I or the BBC here in the UK or Tom Dick or Harry like him, “Trump” is and should be addressed as President Trump for that is what he is.  If nothing else for goodness sake show some manners.  I have yet to hear the BBC or some of the anti President Trump American networks refer to “Obama” its President Obama – well actually they are wrong there because he should be referred to as “the former President Obama”.  If nothing else can we please bring some manners back.  You will say it doesn’t matter, but it does it should do.

If only people could get along together if only it was not “ME ME ME” all the time.  I did a post yesterday where I mentioned not going out “making our or my own home a prison”, there are physical reasons why I find it hard but there are also reasons in as much people seem more aggressive these days, less polite, I am worried about being knocked over, I don’t feel as safe as I used to – yet I live in a lovely area near the beach, the Sea.  One silly example, well not to me, but maybe you.  I had to go to my Doctor’s Surgery the other day and I am in extreme pain and having difficulty walking.  My eldest Son came with me and as I went to sit down my Son pointed to the Higher Backed chairs for people with problems etc, I shook my head for my Son was going to ask this mother to take her children off one of the chairs and I did not want any arguments because I could see the look on the mother’s face when she caught me looking at one of the kids who had its feet on the chair.  Her young, infant school age, children had mobile phones playing games sprawled all over these chairs, elderly people came in  and did the mother make these kids get up, like hell she did.


Courtesy, helping one another in this world, just some thoughtfulness, some kindness.  It would help wouldn’t it.

Take care of yourselves, and May Your God Go With You.   Anna.


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