Who says

it does not happen

that first look

is all it took






So love this, means a lot to me – plus hear it and you see Robert Di Niro and  Christopher Walken and the others dance and twist around.   Pool Table  – “Deerhunter” remember?

7 thoughts on “IT DOES

    1. Yes I am, and its great. There are times Cheryl when you can lock eyes with someone and thats it. It happens, I know. You can tell the difference between lust and something more. I shall die a Romantic, nothing wrong with that, perhaps we need much more of it then there would not be all this fighting and arguing in the World.

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      1. I can see it now! Headlines! THE WORLD HAS BEEN INFECTED BY THE LOVE BUG!!! You know, you WOULD have made a good hippie, girlfriend! 😀 Maybe going to San Fran is as much a pilgrimage for you as Ireland is for me?

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      2. But what would be wrong Cheryl, with the World being kind to each other. What is the end for us all, there is so much hated now, thats all I hear “hate this hate that hate him” why hate anyone for goodness sake. God it took so much of my life all that was done to me, it was always there on my shoulder.
        Yes, I think I would have liked to have been a Hippie, or at least been there in San Francisco at that time, these times are awful what is there to look forward to. A Pilgrimage, maybe so – right now I am really worried, I am on crutches having to take a shot of whiskey with pain killers, every morning so I can move, another morphine patch on my arm, thats the Doctor’s answer – to be honest I have had enough, pain chews you up, I am worn out all over. How you going?

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      3. You misunderstood what I was saying. I thought it would be great. I’m sorry to hear about the crutches. I suspect you’ll always have to deal with the pain, but can you not walk at all without the crutches? Let me tell you what! I ironed four shirts yesterday and ironed patches on two pairs of pants, and by the time I’d done just THAT much both my legs were numb as could be and my right foot pained me all night last night. I thought of you. STOP THAT DAMN IRONING! It’s probably taking a bigger toll on you than you know. Just sayin’…

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    2. It probably is, the boys keep on at me to stop. The Doctor won’t have it but I do believe its my hip and now here in the UK “Hip Replacement” means one thing MONEY and they won’t spend it, quicker to deal out tablets and morphine patches. I tolerate pain as much as I can had to for last 30 odd years, but this pain has me screaming in the morning thats how bad it is, I tried to muffle my screaming so the boys would not hear but they did and could not believe it. I am worn out.
      Sorry did not mean to offend you over your remark, I think sometimes my way of talking/writing does not come over the way intended.

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      1. I wasn’t offended, hon. Just didn’t want you to think I was a putz! 😀 Anna, at some point you’re going to HAVE to slow down. You know that, don’t you? Wearing yourself out by insisting on doing things you shouldn’t isn’t going to get you to San Fran… Think about that!


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