How can I cope

with no love

the pain you caused

seeing you

that was me

now its someone new

I’ll never cope

without your love

the trust I stored in you

lost like love

clear sky so blue

how I wish I was there

looking down

and seeing you

as we were

my feelings

for you

will never fade

like my love for you

I can’t toss away





How painful it can be, Love.





3 thoughts on “YOU

  1. Feeling sad for you Anna!

    how painful indeed
    in my younger years hurt too
    I’ve felt loves pain

    hope the link will cheer you up. take care, I might no be on this blog as often as I have been in the past but I wont forget you. The link, if haven’t already spotted it in the reader is of me feed the ducks, stumbled on the images earlier on. Take care,



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