Back in August 2001, I was on holiday with my Sons in Killarney, Southern Ireland.  We always stayed at our favourite Hotel which was on the Lakes and has its own Castle ruin, well part of one, The Lake Hotel on the Muckross Road, Killarney – such heaven.

When I would walk into Killarney Town with one or both of my Sons it was a long walk but a lovely walk, usually we would have Horse and Trap to take us back.  When in the Town we would wander around the shops, buying this and that.

I Don’t know if it was a book shop or The Blarney Woollen Mills in the Town that I bought a little book called “The Love Between Mothers and Sons”, it seemed apt for me as I have two Sons.  It was by a woman by the name of Helen Exley and it’s quotes from different people about Mothers and Sons or vice versa.

==========================================================================So I hope that you will enjoy the following:


“It’s such a powerful connection;

it takes me by surprise.  I feel

like there’s a dotted line

connecting me to my Son”

Sarah Langston


“Romance fails us and so do

friendships but the relationship of

Mother and Child remains indelible

and indestructible – the strongest bond

upon this earth.”

Theodore Reik


“There is an enduring tenderness in

the love of a Mother to a Son

that transcends all other affections

of the heart.  It is neither to be

chilled by selfishness, nor daunted

by danger, nor weakened by

worthlessness, nor stifled by

ingratitude.  She will sacrifice every

comfort to his convenience; she

will surrender every pleasure to his

enjoyment; she will glory in his fame

and exalt in his prosperity, and if

adversity overtake him, he will be

the dearer to her by misfortune;

and if disgrace settle upon his name,

she will still love and

cherish him; and if all the world

beside cast him off,

she will be all the world to him.”

Washington Irving  (1783-1859)

(how very true the above)


“The child, in the decisive

first years of his life, has

the experience of his

mother, as an all

enveloping, protective

nourishing power.  Mother

is food; she is love; she is

warmth; she is earth.  To be loved by her means to be

alive, to be rooted, to be at


Erich Fromm  (1900-1980)


“A child’s hand in yours  –  what

tenderness it arouses, what power it

conjures.  You are instantly the very

touchstone of wisdom and strength.”

Marjorie Holmes


“The God to whom little boys say their

prayers has a face very like their Mother’s.”

James M. Barrie  (1860 – 1937)


“The soft hands, little fingers

that touch your face,

little hands you kiss

eyes that follow yours

with trust with love.

The feeling within you

of love you have never known before

your Child in your arms.

Your Son his body so warm

needing you

yours to nurture

from now onwards,

small or grown up

Baby or Man

still your Son you love

and adore.”

Hannah Cottage


“Why, I will never understand

the feeling of jealousy

within the Father for his Son

a Baby a child.

A Father withdrawing himself

the Mother

the baby’s lifeline

the child’s strength.

Mothers and Sons

from Babies to Men

Sons may drift

Mothers still remain.

Mothers and Sons

a bond never broken

arguments and rows

laughter and tears

but still I am here

and they are there

Mother and Sons

a love everlasting.”

Hannah Cottage


I hope you enjoyed the above.  I unfortunately, only have two Sons I dearly would have loved four Sons but it was not to be, my late Husband said two and so be it.  I did miscarry in the early stages between my two Sons and I believe it was a little Girl, often wonder how my Husband would have been with a little Daughter.

Like many men, which I have never understood, I believe he became jealous of them, perhaps he was too old to start again with babies and boys that are growing up.  My Husband was 30 years older than me and a second Marriage, no I did not break it up, they were divorced long before me, she the ex wife was caught with their best friend by my Husband.   At first he was wonderful with our eldest Son did so much for him, in fact it was David who would always get the babies back to sleep when they cried.

Then when our second Son arrived he seemed to drift from our eldest little boy more to the baby the baby who reminded him of his own Father and as our youngest grew to my husband he was more and more like his Father, poor Jonathan our eldest as young as he was he could see what was happening.  Would ask me “doesn’t Daddy love me anymore”, so I would reassure him and perhaps gave him more time but not more love – I loved, still do, love both my Sons equally.  They were and are both special in their own ways and I love them for it.  When their Father died, our eldest Son was 15 years of age.

The eldest Boy was so terribly upset about his Daddy the youngest which is typical of him, tough never showing his real feelings, strong determined.   It was a difficult time and the youngest was 10 years of age – 11 years of age four days after his Father died.   The youngest, typical strong/determined/tough never showing his real feelings “just getting on with it”.

We had a very hard time the three of us ,such difficult times I could never go through again, it was the Boys got me through it all.  I had to have the strength for them and they gave me their strength, we survived all I have now all I am is because of my Sons.  They are what I lived for they are my reason to rise every day.

My eldest Son is far too like me, not only looks like me but has my temperament.  We clash now and again but it doesn’t last long, we are just too alike.  He is a real old fashioned Gentleman, any woman who liked to be treated with respect would be lucky to have him, sadly he is too wrapped up in work and all his hobbies.  As for my youngest, well what can I say he teases me, he makes me laugh nearly all the time, spends far too much on me.  I am so lucky to have my Sons, I just wish they would stop worrying about me so much and have a life for themselves.  Both work too hard, long hours odd hours for my youngest.  They are both kind, gentle and my greatest comfort.


Mother and Sons  – there is a Bond maybe some will never understand but without a doubt, Sons Love their Mothers   –  and Mothers will always Love their Sons.






I hope you enjoy all the relaxing sounds of the garden, of nature of life of beauty.    Anna.





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