Walk away

but don’t tell me

you love me

when all we had left

was the truth

the words spill from your mouth

“I’ll always love you”

how easily they seem to come

walk away

say “goodbye”







Thanks to “John 1948 Ten”



4 thoughts on “WALK AWAY

    1. I am so pleased that sounds so lovely and especially as you seem to have had such a lovely relationship with you Mother to be able to do that, mine would never want to know – such is life. I hope to play some more from years gone by. Take care, Anna.

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      1. You were very lucky with your relationship with your Mother, mine was just the opposite. She waited 30 years and half an hour after my Father died to tell me she never wanted me or loved me, and in the years to come she proved it alright. So much I could never make sense of suddenly made sense when she uttered those words after my Father died. I will certainly go and look at your post on the music of your early youth.


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