A Lifetime of work

a lifetime of thoughts

and love and long hours

and soon to be gone

not preserved as all should be

but the ugly smell

the ugly feel of money

matters more

Blood sold to survive

roads trod for years

years of little sleep

lonely Towns and Cities

years of work

and all the time

the Dream was there

what could be should be

That Dream washed away

like the Pacific Ocean  rolling in and out

washed away

the feel of money

the smell of money

thats what matters most to some

where strangers cared

did others, yes, for money





Rod McKuen – he deserved more respect and loyalty, at least those of us who read his books, listened to his music will always love him.    Anna



6 thoughts on “A LIFETIME OF WORK

    1. Its so upsetting what they have done, greed I just don’t understand people like that. He knew nothing but work from age 11 years taught himself everything he knew, went through so much, to be treated like this to be as though he never existed when he was America’s unofficial Poet Laureate – had he lived here he would have been that. He taught millions to love Poetry to understand and talk openly about Love not to be ashamed of love or romance, how many write as they do because of poor Rod. And, if you think I am upset, well no more said.

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