We sit there us two

at the round table

with views from the window

to the park

its getting dark outside

the candle on the table

flickers and lights your face

bottle of Red Wine

two glasses  filled

and us silent

what to say

if anything

I watch your face

your lips move

but no words come forth

the candle still flickers

and I know I should speak

neither one wants to say

how did it come to this

all the love all the plans

the dreams the promises


your smile and mine

Sea shells you found for me

your Poetry books you read to me

memories of you of me

and now this

and we know its over

but we can’t say

yet one has to be first

while the candle still flickers

don’t see my tears as they drop

and the glasses now empty

what now





Couldn’t resist him.  Feeling low and just had to play him.   Anna











4 thoughts on “WHAT NOW

      1. No, not sexually. Because of the style of a lot of his music. Too light and fluffy for serious artists. Plus he’s not a great people person. If he’d be out with his family and a fan would approach and ask for an autograph, he was not gracious at all and would tell them too get away. Good showman, but a little offish with people, I guess.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I didn’t know he had a Family. I can understand when he’s in private why should he be pestered but of course there are ways of dealing with such matters. As for his music, thats his music thats what the fans like still, makes him all his money and he’s still going isn’t he. Critics, I have very little time for them, most are just jealous w…..s. Maybe he is not good with people as you say.


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