Dogs or Cats

what does it matter

as long as you give love

and for sure

they will love you

we kid ourselves they need us

but the truth is

we really need them

they are always there

to walk slowly past you

brushing up against you

making sure they get stroked

always there when you come home

maybe they bark too much

or maybe they jump up

but aren’t both parties

pleased to see each other

how sad this World would be

without a Dog or Cat

or even both

a Dog a Cat

will always calm you down

when sad and the tears flow

they are there

their fur gets wet from tears

but they don’t complain

their head will go on your lap

or they will sit on you knees

waiting for that cuddle

and you know

when no one else cares

they do

biggest thing of all

you can trust them

they won’t let you down

they are better than people

just me and my “baby”

thats all I need right now







I know this is Henry Mancini, absolute genius and its not Cats or Dogs but Cats and Dogs travel their own roads.





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