I have not looked at The Oscars

for years now

not since all the Big Stars

started to die off

and real acting seemed to disappear

my opinion, right or wrong.

Yet I have not been able to avoid

the news of the events last night

news headlines, newspaper headlines

really? No real news to report.

How professional they are at the Oscars

you have some supposed comic

not only insulting the President of the United States

you have him tweeting him on stage

has this moron ever heard of Respect

obviously not,

whilst the morons in the audience no doubt laughed.

Then you have the biggest Award of the night

The Best Film

the Oscar given to the wrong film

dear oh dear where did they get these people from,

Warren Beatty looking as though he’s got problems

Faye Dunaway, well looking scary,

what the hell did she do to her face

never heard of growing old gracefully.

Saw a picture of one great Actor, Jeff Bridges

with his Wife of 40 years and they looked

so graceful but then his Mother and Father were.

As for the rest of them at the Awards

to most or perhaps the majority

I have to say WHO? WHO? WHO? WHO?

what a joke, a farce a complete bloody mess,

how lovely it used to be to watch the Real Actors like Tracey,Lancaster,

Douglas, Heston, Jimmy Stewart, Wayne,good old Clint Eastwood,

Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin and Paul Newman  real gents.

the list could go on and on of the greats

The Women who acted like Ladies,

what they did in their private life stayed private

Hepburn, Bergman, Davies, Stanwyck, Taylor, Fonda,

Streep when she keeps her mouth shut about the President and dresses

why the hell can’t we go back to when


why is it women try to act like men

is it so wrong to show our feminine side

perhaps I am expecting too much

or just perhaps I don’t like the way

it seems wrong these days to be

a woman who enjoys being treated

with respect by men

or is that asking too much?




When the Oscars really meant something.










14 thoughts on “OSCARS SUCH A FARCE

  1. I honestly can’t watch these shows, and haven’t for years now. The self-aggrandizement is nauseating to me. Besides, what can you think of a film body that never gave Hitchcock an award for best director? Arguably the greatest director of all time and he got snubbed. No thank you, Academy. You are a farce.

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  2. I think my wife tuned to the Oscars for five minutes while channel-surfing. An actor who was making an acceptance speech that went on and on and on was speaking. Then we put in a DVD. Academy Awards? We could care less here.

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    1. So right David, who cares people so full of themselves, no marks. I watched a programme on crime believe it or not, but then at 4am when I went to bed because I have to have a radio on, BBC World Service, were all talk about it.


      1. Oh yes. The media report on the media. Here radio reports on film. I don’t know what it costs to go to the cinema in the UK, but it is very pricy in The States. We don’t bother to go. Sadly Hollywood is living on its legacy from almost 90 years ago.


  3. Dear Rob, thank you for your such elegant response. Yes, indeed Hitchcock was snubbed and was the great Director, I think I have seen everything he did. I have not watched the Oscars for years either, but having to have a radio on at night the BBC World service felt it necessary at 4am to let me know all about this farce. Rob, sorry if I appear to have been lack in answering blogs – there is a reason I won’t bore you. I will be in touch, keep well Annaxx


  4. Oh – I so agree with your entire post here, Anna. I haven’t watched the Oscars in more years than I can count, but like you, I couldn’t avoid seeing it on the news channels. I’ve always wondered why actors, people who get up on stage and repeat words written by someone else think they are experts on everything.

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    1. I do agree with you, I wish they would keep their political views to themselves, and their disrespect shown to the President, whether one agrees with him or not, I do find that appalling. One of the things I have always liked Americans for is the respect for their President but now. People have so few good manners. Thank you for your for commenting, I appreciate it. Take care.

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  5. I’m afraid, my dear, that us dinosaurs are being left behind. There’s one thing that sticks out to me about actors/actresses today, not many of them are people of true character like Heston and Hepburn. They are no long people for our children to look up to.

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    1. Cheryl, how right you are in all you said. I feel Its an awful World now, sometimes I just feel too tired to go on, its nothing but arguments and greed and violence and women are ashamed to be feminine and Men seem scared to act like Men. Nothing to look forward.


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