Perhaps the Birds have it all

the Sky, the Sea, the Land

they fly from here to there

no worries

except to survive

whereas we pure mortals

live day by day

living this life

and pondering that

until death comes

maybe by choice

or not at all

we look back

upon it all

and ask just simply

was it worth it all

maybe words we spoke or wrote

will be one day be told

maybe a memory of us

will come forth

maybe the dust or ashes

that are left

are just that







About time we had this on here, sit back and enjoy.  –   Thanks to Zevnikov Youtube.


One thought on “MAYBE

  1. Anna, I’m having the damnedest time even accessing your pages. Every time an ad changes it kicks me clear back up to the top of the page. Is there a way for that to be fixed. Four times while I was typing this…


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