How often did we spend the afternoon

in each others arms

making love

and promising to be true.


Then dress and leave the room

you’d see me to my train

we’d kiss goodbye

the train pull out

you’d stand there waving

before you would rush off

to another’s arms.


What a fool you made of me

the tears of you

when I found out

you broke my heart

but begged me not to go.


And like the fool in love

how many millions say the same

from day to day

year in year out

I put it all aside

but never completely forgot.


Everytime we met

different rooms

different places

making love with you

and after

you’d walk me

to the underground

I watch you leave and follow you

same old tricks

but different faces

each time you broke my heart.


Then one day

after love had done

we parted

and I walked away

into another’s arms

the pain across your face

your broken heart maybe

same games we can all play

but love no longer hurts

or does it

just the pain of seeing you hurt

lies we tell now come easily

but with regret.








Superb song, means so much and Miss Ella Fitzgerald perfection as ever.





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