Chapter One  –   “How did it come to this”

As she stood there staring down at him, she could not fathom in her mind how it had all come to this.  She loved him she always will, or so she thought.   This can’t be true it just can’t be.  But, as she stared at her hands, her right hand in particular, all Monica could see was Blood.  His blood, the man she had loved for the last four years, Stephen  the man she had known for nearly five years.  Yet here he was laid at her feet, his chest covered in blood and his eyes closed.

Monica looked at her right hand and still clasping it, the weapon, the kitchen knife the bread knife, in her hand she could not let go of it. Then she heard it, the banging noise on the door the sound of a man’s voice.  For an instant she could not make it out then realized it was Henry, Hank, “Hank, Hank” she called as she dropped the knife and ran to the door.

Opening the door there stood Henry, their best friend he stared at Monica quickly pushed her inside the door and shut the door behind him.  “What the fuck Monica what’s happened” as he ran over to Stephen, checking his vitals and knowing even before he did that, just by looking at Stephen, he was dead.  Hank stood, took Monica by her arms “Monica what’s happened, tell me tell me now”, Monica just looked at Hank shaking her head “I don’t know we were arguing, as ever, Stephen grabbed me shook me I don’t know, I must have picked up the bread knife”, Monica pointing to the knife on the rug by Stephen, “and put it, put it, oh god no I can’t have, Hank please tell me I didn’t, please tell me” she pleaded.

“Monica stop, let me think” said Hank just sit there don’t move just let me think”, “the police Hank the police we have to phone the police” she went to reach for the phone, Hank pushed her away “no Monica think for a second, for fucks sake think, or if you can’t let me try”.   Monica walked to the open verandah doors to their house she stood there listening to the waves below the house, crashing on the rocks, the house was isolated thank heavens, not as though people would  be passing by.

Hank went over to Monica “Monica you have to shower you have to get all Stephen’s blood off you”.  “What” screamed Monica “what are you talking about Hank we have to phone the police tell them what has happened to Stephen explain what I think happened at, at least” screamed Monica.  Hank held her by the shoulders, “you do that and you are finished, just listen to me Monica please just listen to me for once.  Stephen probably deserved this, in fact I know he did, not the first time he hit you and it would not be the last, he cheated on you all the time” said Hank, “no no you are wrong Hank, so wrong he loved me I loved him” cried Monica.

“Yes you loved him” said Hank, “but as for Stephen that selfish bastard may have been my best friend but he thought of no one only himself, he loved you for the sweet girl you are but he had his women he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and you know thats a fact Monica, Stephen loved his strippers far too much”, Monica wept she knew Hank was right “ok what do you want me to do Hank”, “come with me for a start”, as Hank led Monica to the downstairs shower room, “undress I’ll wait outside” Hank said, “no Hank please, please wait there, please don’t leave me,” cried Monica “alright I won’t leave you I promise” he said.

Monica tried to undo her blouse but her hands were shaking and the blouse was wet with Stephen’s blood, “just a moment Monica don’t take any clothes off I’ll get a refuge bag for them all”, Hank ran to the kitchen under the sink he searched until he found the refuge bags, taking one he returned to the shower room where Monica still stood, this time shaking, “its alright “he said” “do you want me to undress you is that alright” asked Hank, Monica nodded.  Hank put towels on the floor, “Monica stand on these and well let me do it all, trust me” he said, “I do Hank I really do” she said.

Hank undone the button on the blouse slipped it off Monica’s shoulders put it in the bag, “slip your sandals off honey” he sad to her, she did so and they went in the bag.  Hank unzipped her skirt and it slid to the floor she stood there looking like a young girl some of her long fair hair hanging down the rest still in a bun.  “I need your bra Monica, ok” asked Hank, Monica nodded Hank slipped the straps off Monica’s shoulders and as he undone the back of the bra the black bra fell,  Hank stared at her, another time another place as they say, God how he would’ve given anything for this girl who stood in front of him, blood of his best friend on her hands, yet Hanks sympathy was for Monica.  He stared at her, her full breasts she was breathing fast and her breasts were rising up and down he would have given anything to have held them in his hands to have sucked on those nipples, “fuck what the hells wrong with me”thought Hank.

Yet Hank could not help it as he slipped her black pantis down over her hips and down her legs, legs splattered with blood, he lifted one foot of Monica’s at a time out of the panti, and looked at her, “God what I would give right now to feel her to feel how soft sweet she is, how many times have I thought of her this way and that bastard treated her with such disrespect” Hank pulled himself together “come along Monica in the shower”.

Hank walked her into the shower switched it on it was nice and warm the water ran down her body, her perfect body, “Monica here take the soap wash yourself you have to get the blood off honey, come on” Hank said, himself soaked but what did that matter.   “Hank I can’t I can’t stand to look at it, please don’t make me please, can’t you do it, please Hank please” she cried so hard, “ok, ok” Hank said “I’ll wash you Monica just stand still”, the tears rolling down her cheeks Hank washed Monica.


Chapter Two  –  “He didn’t deserve her, I do”.

Hank gently rolled the soap over Monica’s desirable body as she stood there looking at him, he washed her face slowing with his fingers he washed around her cheeks “close your eyes” he said as he so slowly washed the eyelids “its alright you can open them now” said Hank, as he undone the rest of Monica’s hair and it slowly fell down around her shoulders , Hank washed Monica carefully and rinsing her carefully too making sure no signs of blood were left, as he came to her breasts “Monica do you think you should do your breasts yourself” “no” she simply said and took Hank’s right hand and placed it under her right breast, Hank never imagined himself in this situation, he was even forgetting about Stephen the blood had washed away but Monica still had to be washed to make sure all was perfect.  Gently he washed under Monica’s breasts and around them and not forgetting the nipples he washed so slowly, she never took her eyes off him, but he noticed her breathing how fast it was, he was trying to control his own emotions.  He lathered her stomach and her back all around her hips down her legs up inside the legs until he came to her and stopped, she took his hand held it under her and moved it back and forth as he stared at her.  Hank heard Monica squeal as his fingers felt her, how warm soft eager waiting for him she was, his mouth was on her mouth, her arms around his neck, until he found himself beyond what he expected to happen.  Monica had undone his belt on his jeans, pulled the zip down pulled at his jeans until both of them somehow with their lips locked managed both to be naked there in the shower, and Stephen – Stephen laid in the Sitting room overlooking the Ocean, DEAD.

Hank had wanted Monica for so long, more or less from the beginning when Stephen introduced “this innocent young woman I’ve just met, you have to meet her Hank” said a delighted Stephen that night at the Restaurant they had arranged to meet at.  Monica sat there with Hank, she was beautiful, shy, not Stephen’s type at all, strippers thats his thing” thought Hank, but he took one look at Monica and fell for her.  “Hello, I am Henry or Hank as Stephen has it, and you are Monica” asked Hank, “yes” Monica answered shyly.  “I have heard so much about you already from Stephen” said Hank, “I understand you are English but lived with your Parents in Washing DC for many years before you decided to move here” said Hank, “yes thats true Hank” she said and Hank just watched her as his friend as usual had all the answers.  “You bet” said Stephen “I keep making him jealous telling him how beautiful and caring you are Monica” as he, Stephen, held her tight.  From that first night Hank remembered Monica seemed nervous, was there already something in Stephen she feared, he wondered.

There in the shower room Hank was doing what he had wanted to do for the last five years, he was making love to her, and she was reciprocating  As Hank gently squeezed her nipples between his teeth he didn’t even care at that point if any of Stephen’s blood remained, he doubted it, but “sod it” he thought.  “Monica, darling I have to wash you again with the gel now just to make sure its all off, ok” Hank said ” whatever you want Hank, just hold me please hold me to you I want to feel you against me tight” said Monica.  Hank kissed her he turned her around to wash her back ran his hands with the gel down her back around her hips to the front to under her, inside her she was even more silky smooth, then around  her lower back his hands squeezing her bottom, she felt so good.  She reached back and felt him, he felt good she quickly turned took the gel from him put some on her hands and proceeded to wash Hank, slowly softly.   “Monica we have to remember why we are here” he said trying hard , as Monica slid down to the floor held him rubbing him she laid back on the shower floor the water now just about warm, Hank moved to the floor and moved  her wet thighs apart, licking the inside of them both, his tongue exciting her and there they were as the water ran onto them her sighs could be heard above the water, and Stephen – right then to Hank “fuck Stephen” he thought.

After they left the shower Hank wrapped Monica in a long towel, wrapped a towel around himself and then threw another over Stephen as they stood there looking down at his body.  “Hank we have to phone the police what else can we do” asked Monica, “well we can’t phone them now for a start they will ask why the delay and what about all the blood that would have been on you.” said Hank.  As he poured two whiskies one for each of them, “I can’t drink that” said Monica, “well this time you must, it will do you good, you need it” said Hank.

“Darling” he said as he held Monica close to him, the first thing we do is get dressed then we have to think of disposing of him” said Hank, “we can’t just do that, people will miss him” said Monica, “what people Monica, strippers for the money, others who never even liked him, you know yourself he was always leaving you of a weekend going off here and there, well this time he’s gone somewhere and not come back” said Hank, “besides he had no Family not one he kept in touch with, he’s gone thats all we know” answered Hank, “where” asked Monica, “I have no clue but got to think of something pretty quick” said Hank.   “Whatever you do Monica, don’t touch any of his credit cards or his account, everything has to be left as it is” said Hank, “I never do anyway, Stephen used to give me money the beginning and end of the week, thats how I managed plus I have my own private income, Stephen didn’t want me working, just to be here for him” said Monica, “then thats how it stays” said Hank.  Suddenly he asked “Monica where’s the knife”, Monica froze pointing to it.  “It came from the knife block, I’ll take the lot, I’ll pick a replacement somewhere” said Hank, “not just another bread knife” said Monica – “no not another bread knife Monica, the complete set” answered Hank.


Chapter Three  –  “Rock climbing on his own, remember?”

“One thing is sure Monica” said Hank, “We have to get Stephen out of here quickly, tonight, I’ll pick everything up rugs etc” said a determined Hank “I’ll help I am not having you do it on your own” said Monica as she leaned towards Hank to kiss him.  “Only if you are sure Monica”, said Hank, “I am darling for the first time I feel in my life I have a reason to keep going” said Monica.

For hours and hours, so many they lost track, in fact it was now 3.15, the Sky was so dark outside, the Sea was still hitting the rocks below and finally all looked normal but they doubted 100% how could it be.  “Hank” shouted Monica, scaring the shit out of him Hank turned around “what, whats wrong” he said, “darling I have just remembered the last time Stephen went to rock climb on his own, he phoned from the jeep left a message I never wiped it, I never did never knew how to, Stephen always said to leave it alone he would see to it all”, said an excited Monica.  Hank went to the answering machine played the tapes, took ages, but then THEN THERE IT WAS, Stephen “hi honey I know you will probably be annoyed but suddenly decided to make off and do some rock climbing, you don’t mind do you, of course you don’t anything to please me, right.  Listen, you can have a quite four days, maybe five not sure yet.  Just feel want to be alone out there in the West just me and the Rocks, clear my head, you wait until I get back and I’ll have a good surprise for you baby promise, love you, speak soon, think of me tonight”.

“Selfish bastard” said Hank, “thats all he ever thought about himself, that was about seven weeks ago he went I remember.  He never cared about you, just Stephen thats all that mattered, well going to have to make that journey out there find that lone spot” said Hank, “but I stabbed him Hank, not a fall, I stabbed Him” said Monica, “I know honey we just have to make it that he was attacked when he was there on his own, his money wallet watch things like that, what choice do we have, although we could just bury him out there and take the risk of wild animals digging him up” said Hank, “why couldn’t he just have been thrown from the rocks  into the water, thrown in perhaps by whoever attacked him drown I know he will still float but if we make it by the Rapid, what do you think” said Monica.

Hank was surprised by Monica and what she said, its not what he expected from her the sweet girl he had known for the last five years.  Hank went and stretched out on the Eames Lounger by the Verandah, he lit his Cigar and watched as the smoke blew out into the cool night air.  Suddenly Monica came over to him, sat on his lap took the Cigar from his lips and placed it in the crystal ashtray on the small table by the Eames.   Monica opened the folds of Hanks towel he still had wrapped around him, she stroked his Penis, it hardened , as she kissed him at the same time Hank undone the towel around Monica and held her breasts licking them and the nipples, as his fingers slid into her she laid across him on the Eames, “you know Monica its as though Stephen was destined to die last night, I’ve wanted you for so long” said Hank, ” I know darling, just as well he argued and whatever happened happened” said Monica as her fingers caressed Hank’s Penis.

Soon Monica was sitting across Hank as his mouth caught her nipples, sucked them, she asked him “were you breast fed some men love to do this, Stephen sometimes did” she said.  Hank played with her nipples which quickly hardened, here they were making love , Monica quickly looked to one side, the side where Stephen laid on the floor, his body covered with a sheet by now, a heavy blood stained sheet.  As she made love with Hank her thoughts were those of a woman who knew exactly what she was doing, what she had done.

Was Monica the sweet gentle woman who pleased Stephen in every way, whatever he wanted she went along with, was there one fight too many?  One punch too many?

Or did Monica get  her way, in her own clever way.  There was Stephen’s body to dispose of yet, Hank was more than capable of doing that.  Of course he would have to be careful until he finally got rid of Stephen but she knew he could do it she knew he would do it for her, right now look just how much he wanted her.


Chapter Four  –  “The Sun has risen, time to go, then let the Son finally rest”

Monica and Hank had laid in each others arms, on the Eames lounger.  The Sun had risen, and what a magnificent Sun it was too.  Hank was not from this part of the Country and to be truthful he never really settled here, he preferred the good old Country air, the honest people he felt but here he had to work for the time being that is, he thought last night about the years he had spent out here with people so insincere, like his friend Stephen – his friend dead on the floor for hours that is.  For Hank it was time to go “home” and go home he could any time he wanted.  The problem was would Monica come with him, she wasn’t from here either  and he always felt she was not at home here.

Monica originally came from England, her Parents moved out here, in fact Washington DC when she was young, her Daddy being a well known name in Washington, well known that is amongst their own.  Monica spoke little of Washington DC or England come to that, all he knew was that her Father was highly respected, her Mother had been involved with the Arts and Monica had been packed off to one of England’s Boarding Schools, then Finishing School, perhaps that was why she was so quiet, she had said she had hated it all.  Hank did enquire once where in England she came from, “Wiltshire” was all she really said.    How Stephen actually met Monica he never really said, its as though she suddenly appeared and Stephen was hooked.

He liked having this “well to do, well spoken maybe too quiet, English girlfriend”, within weeks Monica had moved in with Stephen and they seemed so happy.  Stephen did what he always did, pleased himself, whilst Monica he would tell Hank, would look after him, their Apartment, everything she just literally was there for him, he had never had a woman like this.  He missed out on the “warm Mother” bit, his Parents divorced before he was two years of age, his Mother went off with somer Italian, then some German businessman then finally she ended up with a very rich Frenchman who owned countless Vineyards and a Chateaux, lived outside of Paris and saw little of Stephen.  As for his Father, he was far too busy running his enterprises, Stephen was packed off to boarding school aged 4, seemed to thrive on it and the rest well it ended tonight.

Monica’s Father was M15 or was it M16, when in the UK and advised in the US, she never bothered herself that much, but if Hank was going to have a real problem regarding Stephen she would phone her Father.  He had met Stephen many times and did not like him, in fact her Father had said to her “any problems Monica and you phone Daddy you hear me, it can all be sorted out”, maybe she should phone “Daddy” and let him know, perhaps it was time to tell Hank about her Father and his connections and what he could do to help, after all why should Hank’s life be destroyed because of a friend who was not really a true friend to him.

Monica watched Hank as he slept and for the first time she really felt that this man honestly loved her, that there was no side to him.  Yes, she hid the bruises from Stephen He could easy slap or hit her where the marks were not always visible.  Why did she stay with him, in her own way she loved him, and even though she was so fond of Hank she was not totally sure how he felt about her until now, look at what he had done for her, what other man would have done any of this for her.

“Yes it is” she told herself, its time to phone Daddy and have this sorted.  Monica went to the bedroom and made a call to her Father, luckily he was there at home and did come to the phone to her.  “Hello my darling how are you, enjoying yourself, hope the other fellow is not having probs with the hands, tell me he isn’t Monica” enquired her Father.  “Actually Daddy thats why I phoned, can’t say too much here but really need your help right now Daddy” said Monica trying not to cry “big firm trouble darling is that what you mean” asked her Father, “yes Daddy the firm I need” Monica had these terms with her Father and he would be ready to help her out any time, any place.  “Monica, where are you, home” asked Father “yes the other one isn’t if you understand” said Monica.  “I understand perfectly, Monica I did have that talk with you do you recall it, well never mind now, I’ll speak to some of the heads and have it sorted out, are you alone.”  “No daddy I have a good friend a really good friend who has done so much, I caused a problem he has helped” said Monica.  “Don’t say anymore, it will be sorted asap, you and your friend go away for the weekend starting today, usual place, everything will be laid on, have a good time, relax, Daddy has it sorted, ring your Mother Darling she said last night she hadn’t heard from you for two weeks, she worries over you, seems she is right to.  Good friend Monica, will I like him do you think”, asked her Father, “Daddy you will love him, he is so decent, so kind and he loves me so, he actually loves me and is so sweet and gentle” said Monica.  “Bring him to Washington to meet your Mother and myself, your Mother would be delighted for you to have a decent perhaps future do you think Monica”, “definitely Daddy, I believe so”, said Monica.  “All right my Darling, now stop worrying everything will be sorted, the lads will ring you and then you can leave, kisses Darling” said her Father “thanks daddy, kisses to you too” answered Monica, feeling finally relieved.  All she had to do now was tell Hank.


Chapter Five  –  The “Firm” always to the Rescue

Monica walked from the bedroom, down the open staircase back to the living room and watched Hank still asleep, he was exhausted.  He looked so beautiful sound asleep, his smooth skin his soft hands, everything about him.  She knew she was in love with him, looking around, he had done so much for her.  Why should he risk his life that would be so wrong.

Monica stood behind him as he laid on the chair she stroked his forehead and his hair she let her hands slip down over his shoulders to his chest.  His firm chest, her fingers slowly ran up and down his chest, his skin so soft and the hair on his chest so fine.  As soon as he would wake she would tell him about her Father, well she would have to everything was being set in motion, as soon as she gets the call no more worries, it will be as though today, or yesterday now it was, as though yesterday had never happened.

Hank started to stir and he held her fingers as they touched his skin she bent down over him and they kissed, “can’t believe I have been asleep all this time, it seems like hours but can’t be can it” said Hank.  Monica walked around to him, “darling I have something to tell you, you  must listen carefully, its so important for us both honestly” she said, Hank looked at her “now I am beginning to worry you saying that, what’s wrong darling, apart from the obvious” looking over to Stephen’s way.

“Hank my Father worked for MI5 MI6, and advises here the US Government” said Monica.  “Really, I had no idea, well my Family is not that exciting” said Hank, “no Hank seriously you have to listen, Daddy still had lots to do with the firm and he has arranged for all of this to disappear, do you understand”, said Monica.  Hank just looked at her, amazed shocked not sure what exactly to say, “Monica, I am lost for words, you can’t be serious, are you” Hank asked.  “Totally darling truthfully, I should be getting a phone call then the two of us will go away for the weekend maybe four or five days to a house belonging to Daddy, relax, talk have fun, make love all the time, when we come back here it will be as though nothing happened” said Monica, watching for Hank’s reaction.

Hank put his left hand to his forehead stroked his forehead and said “Monica am I still asleep” he asked, Monica laughed “no darling you are very much awake”, “RING, RING RING” went the phone, Monica rushed to it “hello, oh how are you, fine thanks yes so looking forward to the trip, it won’t take long to pack, thanks so much, hopefully see you soon, take care bye” said Monica.  “Thats it, thats the code, thats the word for us to go and leave all this, is that what you are telling me” Hank asked, “yes darling thats precisely what I am saying, time to relax, forget our worries, enjoy each other, yes” asked Monica.  “Yes, definitely Yes, let’s get dressed and let your Daddy go to work” said Hank.

“I just hope” asked Hank, “that I will not wake up and this has been a dream”, “its no dream Hank its all true.  I could never quite say everything about my Father, Daddy never liked Stephen or trusted him much, I just did not talk about” said Monica.  “This in front of me all this is the real Monica and last night, us as we were was that the real Monica” asked Hank, Monica threw her arms around Hank “this is all true, last night us together was all true,  right now its true” said Monica, as Hank looked down and the bath robe Monica had on the belt had opened and there she was “the, Monica”.   “Do you think despite the phone call we may just have time to make love” asked Hank as they kissed.  “Most definitely” said Monica as she ripped Hank’s towel off him.

As Hank made love to this woman, this Woman he has now learned surprising things about.  Thoughts were entering his mind, thoughts he was trying so hard to dismiss.

Stephen, blood, knife, blood, phone calls, agents, England, MI5 MI6, her Father and Stephen, blood and the shy, yet now strong young woman and the future, their future…………………….




By Anna  –  March 8, 2017.






This is just the right sound.   –     (Music “Thanks to Meek” Youtube)







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