I am trying hard to avoid newspapers and internet news headlines, when you are not feeling well, when you are in pain the last thing you want is to read about Bastards that you know are going to upset you.  I refer specifically to a so called former Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Today I understand the Queen of the United Kingdom has unveiled a Memorial to the more than 300,000 who have served this Country, my Country, in the Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq.  I am not a Royalist but the Queen is the Queen until she dies and this was an important moment for those Families that lost loved ones, those families who are coping with injured loved ones and those that managed to come home from those Wars.  Wars right or wrong?

So all the major Royals managed to turn out, William actually did something by turning up, was Harry there don’t know, don’t care and am not interested in the latest bit of skirt he has, we already have one undesirable in the Royals, that old bag who destroyed the Marriage of this Country’s future Queen the desirable Diana, who unfortunately died in “that so called accident?” so that the old bag Camilla could enter officially.  Now Harry is bringing another undesirable like the Father into the Royals.  The sooner the whole lot are abolished after the Queen the better.

See, what I mean about getting worked up, annoyed.  Well the real reason for writing this was about the one individual who attended the unveiling of the Memorial who should NOT HAVE BEEN THERE,  and that person that man’s name is TONY “BLOOD ON MY HANDS BLAIR”.

The Families are furious that this Bastard had the gall to attend this Ceremony.  This individual took us, this Country, my Country to a War and it was an illegal War all those years ago.  Along with George Bush of the USA they “pretended” there was real cause to go to War.  Blair as PM stood up in the House of Commons and stated we needed to go to War, HE LIED, LIED LIED  and thanks to him he has SO MUCH BLOOD ON HIS HANDS.

Blair may have ended his term as a British PM with the History of Ireland and his record of all he done to bring about a Settlement.  Forget all that, not saying it was not, is not important.  It was, it is, but as far as Blair and what he did that is Forgotten.  All we, remember in this Country is that Blair as Prime Minister took this Country to a War based on NOTHING BUT LIES, and to this day we are still paying the price.  We all now in the West face the blood thirsty Terrorists who believe it is their right to murder as many infidels as they like, to Rape as many Christian/white Women as they like – all in their beliefs we are told.

While Blair stood there today, with the eyes of so many of the Families focussed on him, hatred in their eyes I suspect for this man, he stands there and how much of this haunts this man?  We may well ask.

There is only one thing that concerns Tony Blair, always did and always will and that is MONEY AND MORE AND MORE MONEY.  While we, the British Public know that all that is dripping from Blairs hands is the blood of the Fallen Heroes, all Blair sees in his hands all he sees his fingers doing is counting the Millions and Millions of $ and £ and whatever other currency, like Gold Bars etc.

Todays Memorial was to Remember All Those that had Died, All those that were Injured All those that returned home – all those that went to War  –  one War based on those Lies.  Today WE REMEMBER ALL THOSE BRAVE PEOPLE WHO GAVE SO MUCH.

Today, hypocrites and liars should have stayed at home, Blair yet again Insulted All Those That Gave All They Had.  We all know that Blair should be Arrested, Charged and put in Front of The Hague Court and Found Guilty, but in reality all that will happen is every opportunity Blair gets he will brazen it out and continue to watch the money roll in, while how many are DEAD, HOW MANY MORE WILL DIE.


Now after all the above, I need to calm down, take some more Morphine for my pain and  some deep breaths, and the inevitable English Cup of Tea.  Take Care,  Anna.






Thanks to “Seriglerom” Youtube.    –     British Military Marches


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