To all those who are Irish or have Irish blood in them, and thats most of the World I should imagine.  Wherever you go in the World it is said you will always find someone whose Grandmother, Great, Great Grandmother – get the message – was born in Ireland.

My Parents actually were born in Ireland, both dead now but both never lost their Irish accents even though they spent more time here in England, than they did in Ireland.

Anyone who has ever read any of my work will probably know by now that I have Irish blood, I do tend to mention my love for Ireland, perhaps the old Ireland a lot.

Today, and its not far from being over here in the UK, as everyone knows by now it is ST PATRICKS DAY, and is celebrated the World over even if you have no Irish Blood, for some or the majority its the excuse to get drunk, why not you might say.

I am very proud of my Irish connection and despite being born in England I have always felt more Irish than English.  Being brought up in an irish Catholic community, Church Schools etc I always felt the bond more to Ireland than I did the Country I was born in –  England, but that is not to say I am not proud of England I am.

I love Ireland there are so many memories of Ireland, so many memories of learning to love the soil to know what the Land is really about, what it means.  I have always been told I have  Irish Eyes, take after my Father and that I have “the gift of the gab” unlike my Father who did not drink and was a very shy reserved Irishman, despite “I talk a lot” I have never kissed the Blarney Stone.  You would not, should not kiss it either if you knew you saw what the workers/guides did to it before the Tourists arrive.

Whether you have Irish Blood in you or not Enjoy the Day, Enjoy the Guinness, never as nice as the real Guinness one can enjoy in the Pubs back home in Ireland, it really isn’t the same you know.  If you have never been to Ireland, you should go some time you will fall in love with it, my favourite place is Killarney, Kerry, I adore the Lakes.

Enjoy being Irish, even if its only for tonight, and thanks to “Rob” for seeing his blog, reminded me I had not done anything for today  –  shame on me!!






I have fond memories of this song being sung by my Blind bedridden Grandad, finest Gentleman I ever knew.  I hope you like it.    Thanks to Dermott Studio  Youtube.







    1. Just love the Shamrock and smile, wish I could do these things. Talking of Shamrock, Linda I used to dread St Patricks Day falling on a School Day because my Auntie Hannie who lived in Cork City would send over a box of Shamrock to my Mother, her sister, and on that March 17 school day I had the BIGGEST bunch of Shamrock pinned on my Blazer, as I would have a very long walk to school it was torture people staring all the time, I couldn’t take it off as the area was Irish/Catholic and my mother knew too many. Boy, was I glad when the Government decided plants and certain foods no longer could come over from Ireland and vice versa. I was saved. So pleased you are alright, keep in touch you know I am here all the time, my apologies for not being frequent with you. Hope the Family is well and all those so beautiful Grandchildren.

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      1. ((((Hugs)))) Anna…I owe you an email…will write soon. Alls well with the kids….winter still has us in its grips…Spring is arriving on Monday, but we’ll still have snow in the ground for a while yet!!!

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    1. Why do you need a DNA Kit, I thought you knew you had Irish Blood in you, you have a pulling towards Ireland, where has that come from? Guinness, I only really enjoy a glass when I go home to Ireland, never tastes the same except there. Now and again I may have a can, but usually use half a can or more I put in a Beef Casserole.

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