Colin Dexter the Creator of “Inspector Morse” has Died aged 86 years.  Colin Dexter wrote the most wonderful stories about “Inspector Morse” the man he created and was part of British TV for such a long time.  Even to this day you will finds episodes of “Inspector Morse” being repeated on tv, its been on tv for weeks now and I always make a point of watching every episode.

I fell in love with the writing the character Inspector Morse that Colin Dexter created.  Morse had been to Oxford was an extremely clever, private loner.  Loved natural Beer, fine Wines, Opera and the company of charming women when he could.

Case after case would come Inspector Morse’s way and that of his faithful  Sergeant Robbie Lewis.  Chief Inspector Morse along with Lewis would have to solve all these puzzling Murders that took place every week.  It was the most intelligent programme on tv and I simply loved it.

Colin Dexter the creator, wrote the most mind gripping stories, and I shall remember him as a fine writer.

It is so sad that not only John Thaw who portrayed Chief Inspector Morse for all those years, died some years ago but now Colin Dexter who like Alfred Hitchcock, always it seemed, liked to make an appearance a cameo appearance in every episode.  I am not sure, but I think “Inspector Morse” was sold to American TV.

Remembering Colin Dexter.








Thanks to Francisco Bravo, Youtube.  Hope you enjoy this glimpse of “Inspector Morse” created by the late Colin Dexter.









    1. Hello David, hope you are alright. Yes indeed John Thaw was a great Actor. I simply adored and still do “Morse”, but I remember well “A Year in Provence” but I never see it repeated. Did you ever see him in “Goodnight Mister Tom” if you have not you should David I know you would like it. Who could forget John Thaw in “The Sweeney” it is still on today. The other only crime drama I liked was the late Mark Mcmanus in “Tagget” the murders every week were so gory but good, should I say that? He was a great actor and the programme was not the same after him.

      Sitting here David, my face my eyes red from crying only just see the Terrorist Attack in London, horrendous but we knew it was coming just now how or when but those deaths that poor Policeman all unbelievable – now where are all the answers to those who even said to me I was exaggerating. Little French children from a Primary school involved David, what a World we live in. London, the City I worked in the City I so love. Take care of yourself, love Anna


    1. Hello I hope you are ok – I am having problems ay the moment with my right leg and walking two Doctors say it looks like shin splints but can’t be, waiting to see a Consultant, but its agony. Yes indeed I agree with you and

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    2. Dear Ginger, not sure what I did but cut myself off, yes I so love Morse its on every morning here, can never get enough of it, my favorite episode “The Driving School” I think that is what it is called. Just trying to come to terms with the news in London and the Terrorist Attack and all the deaths, dreadful just dreadful. How do we deal with all of this, I know I am not happy with Angela Merkel and her policy. A year ago today poor Belgium suffered, all those that suffered all for what Ginger? You take good care of yourself, love Anna.

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      1. Hi Anna, do hope you get your leg pain sorted asap, sounds ugly! All people need to unite against such acts, support each other. As IS is losing ground in the Middle East they are desperate to enlist nuttas to put fear into others … it’s such fundamentalist fanatics that are trying to divide us and make everyone fearful. Stand united, treat each other with kindness and prayers do help to comfort us.

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