The perfect Cottage

deep in the woods

Daffodils and Bluebells

surround it all


The  Cottage

there she sits

thatched roof

and everything

inside fits


The pretty Cottage

all alone

but happy

ready for love


She the Cottage

so much love to give

and longing

to be loved

Cottage oh Cottage

don’t cry

for one day

he will arrive






Could not resist this, more of the wonderful Bill Evans and a song I so love and sing, well try to sing, “When I Fall in  LOVE”.






4 thoughts on “LOVING COTTAGE

    1. Thank you Rob, I have an email to send to you. I love the song too, I always try to sing it. You are such a sweet person and so understanding, I am so glad to have you as a Friend. Please tell Meg, she is brilliant I love it, as for you I loved both of them and you really cheered me up.

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