To Forgive terrible crimes is that what a decent person does, or should one remember all the atrocities carried out by Terrorists, if thats the name for them, Freedom Fighters, Fighters for Peace, the list goes on.

This morning around 7am here in the UK it was announced that Martin McGuinness one time IRA big wig.  Today former Deputy Leader of the Northern Ireland, died aged 66 years and as in a normal case as one would expect Tributes started pouring in.

But, this is not a normal case, whatever Martin McGuinness was called these days, whatever posts he held, for far too many people Martin McGuinness will be remembered as IRA and a Killer, even if he never fired a Gun, and I am sure he certainly did, he ordered DEATHS.

My heading for this blog is “TO FORGIVE OR NOT”, I apologise if what I have said above or what I may say below offends anyone, but then the truth hurts it always does and it offends it is said.

When my youngest Son came into my bedroom this morning to inform me that McGuinness had died, aged 66 one year younger than myself.  I just sat there.

I was shocked, but why, I knew that he was a very ill man but  Death always does shock.  When I put my tv on and saw all the BBC had to say it was too much for me, I turned to Sky and that was worse.  What was all the tributes about to a “Man of Peace, a Man who had Honour, a kind Man” I felt physically sick.

Then the continuous showing of McGuinness shaking hands with the Queen when they met some years ago, the Queen the one person that he and Gerry Adams and the rest of the IRA wanted Dead wanted to assassinate.  For goodness sake had McGuinness not been part of if only talking about it, and you know as I do he did much more than that, the Bombing of the “The Grand Hotel” in Brighton and the attempted Murder of the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, they wanted to hit the Heart of The British Establishment, and they did and they nearly succeeded in Murdering the British Prime Minister, but Thatcher survived and Margaret Thatcher became more determined not to let the IRA succeed, she was far too strong for them, a Woman Yes, but a damn  strong minded Woman.  What would this Country have done, if Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister had been murdered, I dread to think.  For a start all the Soldiers in Northern Ireland would have been locked in Barracks.

Every time a Soldier or Soldiers were Murdered by the IRA and their Bodies flown back home to England, there on the tarmac of the RAF station stood the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher complete with her famous Handbag, standing there head held high and a determination written on her face that the IRA would not succeed, she was one hell of a Woman and they did not beat her.  If she was alive today, and had been asked to say something about McGuinness, there would be “no man of peace” crap coming forth from her lips, she I imagine would tell the truth and call him what he was a Murderer and IRA Killing Commander..

I was working in London the time of all the Bombings by the IRA, Birmingham, Brighton, Guildford, Harrods in the West End and the rest,  not forgetting the ATROCITIES across the Border in Northern Ireland and the DEATHS of not only Protestants but their own people, Catholics.  How many Catholic people suffered as a result of what McGuinness and the IRA did, all Irish were suspect all Irish were treated appallingly.  My own Mother at the time worked for Sainsbury’s Supermarket, and every time a Bomb went off she would come home upset/crying for the names she had been called the treatment she received for being Irish.  I worked with a woman, a very nice woman but and there was a big “but” she came from Newry strong Catholic area in Northern Ireland and she collected for “the good old Boys back home” to buy the guns, like all the collections in the USA that were made for them.  I detested when she would ask me for money, I liked her but would never give one penny.

I have Irish blood, as many of you know both my late Parents being born in Southern Ireland, I love Ireland with all my heart but I also love my Country England.  To the Irish I am a Brit, a term I have always detested, I am not a Brit I am English.  Being British or English or from Northern Ireland does not mean that the IRA had the right to Murder.  I am lapse Catholic have been for a very long time now and I have despite the fact I no longer take part in the Catholic Church, I despise the fact that Priests give The Last Rites to these murderers, perform their Funerals and  bury them.  I was banned from getting Married in the Catholic Church, I had to take the most awful things being said to me from a Priest because I wanted to marry a Divorced man.  When our first Son was born, I was visited by the Priest who would tour the hospital he informed me my Son was “a Bastard” because I Married outside the Church.  My Son was a Gift from God, only God can judge not a Priest, yet these Priests and this Church will give the Last Rites to that murdering bastard McGuinness, give him a Requiem Mass etc  –  hypocrisy!!

As I tried to watch the news on the tv all I could think of was not how McGuinness “changed” and became “a man of Peace” such bollocks we were expected to believe, like hell he did, all I could think of in my mind was the vision of Two British Soldiers on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and the vision of them reaching out of their private Car their army pistols or whatever name you choose in their hands calling for the disgusting “baying crowds” like in the Roman Forum where the Crowds would bay for the blood of the men in the arena, the Soldiers were calling for the crowd to pull back.  Pull back they did not they grabbed the two Soldiers and dragged one or both over a wall away from the cameras that were there from the  Press from tv who were filming a funeral an IRA funeral.  They dragged and I mean Dragged one or both of the Soldiers over the wall to wasteland there they kicked, beat, shot them and as if that was not enough, worse was to come.

A young Irish Priest from the local Church ran out trying to help the Soldiers, the press and the tv cameras caught the  gunmen putting a gun to the Priest’s Head and threatening to “blow your fucking head off” if he did not get out, and these “brave” IRA scum, bastards proceeded to CRUCIFY one of the British Soldiers all recorded for posterity.

The Day these IRA Bastards Crucified this Soldier, was EASTER SATURDAY, in the Christian Church we all know that on GOOD FRIDAY, the previous Day, JESUS was Crucified.  These bastards call themselves Catholics, excuse me while I vomit.

The next day, Sunday when the newspapers came out and my Husband purchased ours he told me not to let our eldest Son who was young see the papers, particular those that their front pages showed in full colour the Crucifixion of this young British Soldier.  My Son asked to see it and I showed him, he had every right.

Martin McGuinness, Gerry Adams were all part of this, just as they were part of the Assassination of the Queen’s Cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma, his Assassination took place in Irish waters.  I had never really seen my late Husband David cry, but the day it was announced that Lord Mountbatten had been Assassinated my Husband had tears.  There could not be many men who served, in the Second World War who did not know and respect Mountbatten, particularly those who like my late Husband had fought in the Burma Campaign.

The Murders carried out by the IRA with or without the authorisation of McGuiness can never be forgiven, McGuiness was a big wig in the IRA, he had so much blood on his hands and for me no Last Rites by any Catholic priest or a Full Requiem Funeral will not take away any murders he was part of.  Make no mistake the Loyalists were just as bad, there was no difference between the Loyalists or the IRA.

Murder is Murder no matter what banner it is under.  I cannot will not ever forget Little Jonathan Ball and young Tim Parry who were blown apart by a bomb being planted in a rubbish container in the Town of Warrington in Cheshire in England, must be twenty years ago, I cannot forget.  I planted two shrubs in their memory in my Garden and those shrubs still flower to this day, and every time they flower I recall the photographs that had been shown of these two little Boys smiling, and for me the shrubs when they flower symbolizes their smiles.

Enniskillen, on Remembrance Sunday who can forget that.  I could go on and on naming all the places where so many lost their lives.

The sickening Tributes that are pouring out, like from former British Prime Ministers John Major, what is wrong with these people.  McGuinness was a Murder, a Killer, a Gunman, a callous callous piece of scum and today as far as I am concerned the World is a far better place without this man.

As a lapse Catholic, may I say all the prayers all the Masses that no doubt will be said for him will not secure him a place in Heaven and I have no doubt McGuinness and the rest of the IRA Killers fear the afterlife and what happens to them.  Well do they think they will not have to answer for all they have done, they DO and they Will answer to God, as all of us who believe in the afterlife we know we have to answer for our Sins and that bastard McGuinness will not be exempt.

I apologise for offending anyone in this Post but I am strongly offended by the Tributes the so called Tributes to McGuinness like Tony “Blood on my hands” Blair has just said “He was a man of Peace” is that two faced bastard Blair joking “a man of Peace”, McGuinness was a Murderer, he may have conned a lot of people but there are far too many people today that McGuinness has not conned.  There are people out there who know the truth, they lived it.  Limbs blown away, minds shattered, lives torn apart.  Young Men in British Uniforms sent to Northern Ireland to do their duty blown to kingdom come, and on the Orders of McGuinness and his cronies.

You may be asking why can’t I forgive and forget, well I can’t unlike my late Father whose eldest Brother aged 14 years was blown to pieces whilst working as an apprentice Undertaker, by a band of men that Churchill, the Winston Churchill sent over to Ireland during the First World War, at the time of “The Troubles” they had uniforms they were supposed to be Soldiers, they represented the UK, but they were filthy they had been let out of the prisons, they were unemployed they were called “THE BLACK AND TANS”, and to this day they are still remembered in Ireland for all the dreadful things they did.   I could never understand how my late Father did not hate The Black and Tans for “blowing up his Brother”, Daddy would just tell me “don’t ever hate anyone”, but I guess I am not as good as my Father.

I have long memories of the IRA bombings here in the UK and Northern Ireland, of the Deaths the Murders of not only Protestants but their own, Catholics.  Men, Women, young people, little Children, Babies in Prams made no difference to McGuinness and the IRA.

Do I wish McGuinness “Rest in Peace”, like hell I do like all those Families that he destroyed all those Children he left without Fathers and Mothers. Husbands/Wives/Brothers/Sisters murdered butchered, no I don’t wish McGuinness “Rest in Peace”.

I remember the Crucifixion of a British Soldier, the butchering of two little Boys Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry out buying gifts and cards for Mothers Day for their Mothers, in Warrington, Cheshire in England.  Thats what I will always remember and hope McGuinness rots in Hell, for thats the least he deserves and no Catholic Priest and the Last Rites, no amount of Masses will help him, he has to answer to God.

While the hypocrites spew out their “Tributes” there are those that are applauding, cheering the death of this man.  Northern Ireland suffered like no other.  Not only Deaths but minds destroyed, the continuous bombing from both sides.

Martin McGuinness a “Man of Peace” those words are dripping with the blood of far too many, just like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair there will be just as much cheering when he dies.  Be interesting to see if the black hooded killers of the IRA today will Fire Shots from their Guns over the Coffin of McGuinness prior to burial, that will say it all.


Never, Ever could forgiveness be given to Martin McGuinness, former Commander in the IRA.   Murderer, Killer, butcher  –    He is Dead at last and NO BLOODY LOSS.

As McGuinness lays in his Coffin tonight no doubt in a Catholic Church in Derry surrounded by his family and those that admired and believed in him.  As they pray for his Soul to go to Heaven, there is only one place McGuinness is going and that is A VERY HOT BURNING HELL where we hope he suffers.






Thanks to Steve Sullivan – Youtube.  The atrocious Bombing at Hyde Park London 1982 of The Royal Household Cavalry by the IRA.  One Horse called “Sefton” survived but was terribly injured by the nail bombs a favourite of the IRA.   Children from all over the World wrote to “Sefton”at the time, including my young Son, a “Thank You” was received back, still have it.  Men/Women/Children/Animals blown up with Nail Bombs – Martin McGuinness “Man of Peace”?   IRA Commander, hope he rots in Hell.  See below for yourselves.







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