To those here in this Land of ours Great Britain, who even said to me I was exaggerating that it would not happen here, a Terrorist Attack.  Why not we have seen them before and I knew as so did everyone else with any sense knew that the “Rehearsals by Security Police, Terrorists Police “was not just a rehearsal at the weekend and on the Thames”.  It was known something was coming but Not When or Not How, but its Happened.  Well today the Terrorists have hit London.

My lovely London, the City I worked in, the City I love they came to Westminster and attacked and people murdered and for what?  For the stupid ridiculous beliefs of these individuals who use Islam as an excuse?  To kill to butcher to mow down Innocents.

Tourists mowed down, killed,  no not killed wrong word they were MURDERED.  Young French Children caught up in it all 200 yards from Big Ben.  People dead on the road, one woman thrown into the Thames, I believe she survived.

But, the Policeman inside the gates doing his duty defending The Palace of Westminster was stabbed, stabbed I understand by this callous Bastard, in the head.  These are Terrorists who just did not fly in to Murder, they live amongst us.  I have been saying this for months maybe several years these Terrorists Live Amongst Us and why the hell are not their Families Interned.  There are people who do not accept they live amongst us.  Look at the events at San Bernardino, the husband and wife they just did not arrive, hold hostage and murder those innocents.  They, that couple lived there, worked there knew some of the people they murdered.  People need to WAKE UP see the truth its in front of you, for God’s sake Wake Up.

During World War II Italian and no doubt Germans were Interned, why the hell are not these people who have these views of theirs Interned.  When they know even of anyone who has been Radicalised Intern them all their families everyone, when these brain dead morons go abroad to fight for their so called cause, Intern all their families here.


They hit our Capital they hit our Establishment and what do our Police have, yes several today with Parliament Square had Guns, the others don’t even have Tasers.  All our Police must now be Armed with Guns for their security our security.

This Terrorist drove his 4×4 down Parliament Hill, crashed into the Railings of Parliament then forced his way through a gate it is then it is believed he stabbed the brave Policeman inside the gates who tried to prevent this scum, this Policeman was stabbed in the head.

Thank You Angela Merkel for all Countries that have suffered Terrorists Attacks, and horrifically we shall all suffer again, we can lay the blame at the feet or should it be the Mouth of Mrs Angela Merkel with her call “Come all Welcome” to Immigrants and Migrants.  Now before anyone jumps down my throat, I am not saying all Immigrants/Migrants are Terrorists, but these Terrorists have hidden amongst them and of course as we know here they live amongst us, should we remember that young brave Soldier Lee Rigby who was butchered in London by two that have lived amongst us.  Who are imprisoned and we the Taxpayers have to keep for the rest of their lives, when in fact the truth is those bastards should have been hung or electrocuted or their heads chopped off as they tried to do to Lee Rigby.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of The Labour Party expressed his shock and “sympathy to all (ALL) those that died and were injured”, he needs to get out now.  He should have expressed his concern for “all those innocents” that have died and been seriously injured.

Islam cannot be blamed, it is those bastards that use Islam as their excuse their means to butcher.  There are people from all Faiths/Religions/Beliefs who use it as their excuse to Murder.


As I shed my Tears for my beautiful City, London, it is a Great City a Strong City and it and we will not be beaten by any Terrorists.  We stood alone all those years ago but now we stand with those that have suffered from Terrorists Attacks, we did and will support all those Countries that have suffered.

London tonight, will have Armed Police on the Streets of the City, no one wants to see Guns or any Weapons but I believe the time has now come for Armed Police permanently on the Streets Of London and all major Cities, all areas where it is known that Terrorist are or being Radicalized.

One final point which I am sure will offend some, but to anyone who knows my blogs know I speak the truth even if it offends and I say this, President Donald Trump was right, to those that will keep denying it  –  take a close look at LONDON TONIGHT and God forbid in the days, weeks, months and years to come.   We will be attacked again.   Remember Belgium tonight, One Year On.

What must not happen in this Country, the UK, the press or some MPs or Health workers etc  or those bloody “so called do gooders” those extreme left wing,  DON’T come out with “this Murderer Had Mental Health Problems” NO EXCUSES, NONE AT ALL, THESE ARE MURDERERS.

I understand that The Lights on The Eiffel Tower will be switched off at Midnight as a Sign of Solidarity.  THANK YOU PARIS, THANK YOU THE PEOPLE OF PARIS, THE PEOPLE OF FRANCE.  We all need to show our support for each other to rid ourselves of these Islamic State Terrorists and those Middle Eastern ultra Rich Countries that Financially support them.


Wherever you Live, wherever you go, Take Extra Special Care of Yourself and May Your God Go With You.  Love, Anna.








A Glimpse of London Then and Now.




10 thoughts on “LONDON – MARCH 22, 2017. TERRORIST ATTACK

    1. Thank you Leonard, your words are much appreciated. How right you are there is no safe haven, we all have to support each other in whatever ways are possible. Now the names of those that died are released, one hears their stories and its all so tragic, I hope that the Tourists will not be too put off coming to the UK, its a great Country to see. Hope you enjoyed your short visit, take care.

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    1. Rob, I could never write as eloquently as you and it is all so true all you say. Rob, have you ever been to the UK, anytime you come, please you are always welcome here to the house. Take care, dear Friend.


      1. George Orwell wrote in his novel 1984: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” The meaning is clear -it means that freedom is the ability to speak the truth. How sage he was. For now, we cannot speak the truth, or we are shouted down. We are compromised by being called racists, among other things. In this politically correct world, two plus two no longer makes four. On a happier note, I will be sure to visit you should I visit the UK. Perhaps the celebrate Brexit!

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    2. My Dear Rob, I would be so delighted to see you here and to Celebrate BREXIT, I have waited over 40 years for it, but one thing has to stay in place and that is we must be strong with Europe over Terrorism. My goodness I wish I had known you years ago, to sit with a glass of Wine by a lovely fire with our best pals, our dogs, by our feet and to listen to you talk and read outloud, what a lovely dream.


    1. Thank you poppet for you kind words and yes indeed I believe we all knew it was as you say a matter of time. Only Sunday on the evening news I watched a Police and Security Forces Rehearsal on the Thames, they knew that it was immediately close but had no idea how it would happen. So very very sad, Gentleman from Utah announced as one of those that Died yesterday. I wasn’t born until after the War, 1949, but when I heard this morning that an employee on the underground wrote on a board something like “The Terrorists will not stop us, we are British we will still stop for our cup of Tea”, I laughed but its true thats US, the “we will not be beaten” attitude is still going strong. Take good care of yourself poppet.

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