It is Mother’s Day here in ther UK not sure if it is celebrated on the same day everywhere.  My reason for writing about this is I suppose just to say I am sure that there are countless Mothers absolutely delighted at being treated with flowers/chocolates/perfumes/breakfast in bed you name it, then there are those that are disappointed in not receiving what they wanted or expected or the flowers were the wrong colours or there were not enough flowers, let alone the words on the Mother’s Day Card were not as lush as they should have been.

My late Husband used to take our two small Boys out on the Saturday to buy flowers and a gift and card for the Sunday  and it was always lovely but also embarrassing.  Now please don’t take me in the wrong way when I say I would sometimes be embarrassed.  I was embarrassed because I was, from a very young age, told not to mention my Birthday to anyone not to make a fuss and there was only one Birthday Party as a child that I recall, my mother never gave them and I was never allowed to go to anyone’s, so things like gifts have always been awkward for me, whether Birthdays or Christmas or Mother’s Day.

As my Sons grew, especially when their Father died, I told them not to waste money on me, it did not matter and would not offend me if I had nothing on Mother’s Day, or my Birthday.  But, there were times when my Sons would have beautiful bouquets delivered to me and I was delighted.

As every Mother’s Day approaches, my Sons say to me “I know you always say you don’t want anything on Mother’s Day, but are you sure” and I always reply “Yes, please don’t get anything”.  Odd you may find me, but thats me, when as a child you are walloped and I mean to the point of hand prints being left on your little skin aged 5, you remember by God you remember that it is “common, not what you should do” tell people its your birthday etc, “making them buy you a present” my mother’s way of thinking!

I know of women who have no Children, never have had Children, but still insist on being treated with flowers and chocolates, now to me thats not only selfish but weird.  Perhaps there are people, women, who find me weird in not wanting to be treated with flowers and perfume and whatever else on these days, or any day, but thats me I would rather have the company of someone than any gift they felt they had to buy or even wanted to buy, but thats not to say I would not be grateful and thank them, most certainly I would.  I just get so embarrassed and lost for words perhaps.

If you are a Mother whether a new Mother or a much older Mother, I do hope you are enjoying your day, your flowers your chocolates, or perfume or whatever other gifts your Children whether young or grown up have brought you.

As for me its just another day, “Ocado” have just delivered my shopping, Sunday and late afternoon, thats all to be put away.  So whilst I will make a cup of Tea (what else), and you Mothers drink your Wine or Champagne and lay on your couches spoilt, whatever date Mother’s Day may fall on, I wish you a very happy one.








Thanks to “Sunflower 0074  Youtube”  –  For all Mothers on Mother’s Day, what woman could resist Barry Manilow let alone this song, and a trip back to the wonderful songs of the 1960s, if only that clock could be turned back, a much nicer time.   Please enjoy.







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