A semi darkened room

a cigarette burns

alone in an ashtray

on a table

where a small lamp stands

and gives the only  light

to this room

a small glass

and a bottle of Whiskey

also stand alone


Yet, there

by the long window

curtains not yet drawn

looking out of the window

there he stands

a tall man black hair

going grey

its dark outside


There he stands looking out

his right hand rubbing his chin

his beard and moustache

more grey than black

his left hand rests

on wooden window frame

there he stares down onto the street

watching and waiting


For the Wife

for the Woman

the Love of his life

She is gone

and will not return


Yet he waits and watches

as he does every evening

ever since that night

dark like this outside

the night for him life ended

the Woman he was devoted to

left him


The words said

rang in his head like bells ringing

he stood there

as the Nurse held his hand

and told him how sorry she was

and he kissed his Love for the last time

the words “she is gone”

taken from him

cruel how cruel this world

why his Love

why this illness


A Man now alone

watches from a darkened room

onto a dark street

waiting for his Love

and the cigarette has burned out








Thanks to Robert Silvestri Youtube.    Such a beautiful tune, “Too Little Time”, and the wonderful magic of Henry Mancini.





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