Spring shines

and Cherry Tree

sways softly

in the breeze


The Daffodils

are in full bloom

all glowing

all to make us happy


Soon the Lilac

purple and white

will start to bud

first the perfume

will explode

for all to smell


Spring is here

and yet I wait


within my home


Bandaged up

baby steps I walk

Pain permitting

but Spring is here


Spring is here

and there is hope

hope for all

hope for me








Bill Evans and Tony Bennett – pure Magic, enjoy it all.





3 thoughts on “SPRING SHINES

    1. Yes, I am contemplating going Private. I hate to sound like a moaning bitch all the time, and I try here at home to keep my reactions to the wave of constant pain, like Labour only way I can describe it, down so Boys don’t hear it all the time. You know what its like to be in pain all the time Cheryl, we just cope but this never ever want this again, symptoms are those of Shin Splints but they say I could not have that??Its eating into my mind.

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      1. I’ve had Shin Splints and they hurt like hell for a LONG time. Please, Anna, do go to someone private who is not just going to be condescending and pat you on the head as he sends you out the door. I expect it would cost a lot, but the relief from pain AND knowing what’s going on would be worth it IF you can swing it. I have been thinking lately I have been WAY too passive in my care of myself. That’s changing!


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