Weekly Wlogger: Flowery Springtime in London

I always look forward to this blog, it takes me on familiar journeys and memories, do drop in and have a look it really is such a great blog.

London Wlogger

A warm and sunny Springtime welcome! A new feature that I’m introducing is the ‘Weekly Wlogger’ where I share photos of some of the sites I’ve seen whilst on my walks around London during the week, and that I’ve shared on my Instagram feed. This week I’ve been doing some walking around Covent Garden, Southwark, and along the Thames, which has given me the chance to see some of the beautiful flowery delights of London and to enjoy the lovely Spring weather.

For me, Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, with the flowers blossoming, lighter evenings, and most importantly, it feels warmer and genuinely more sunny!

My first walking adventure this week came around Southwark, and there are pockets of flowery wonders around it, such as the ones below! With all the colours of the rainbow, you can’t beat the sight of lovely flowers!

IMG_1952 Flowers…

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