I just hope that America and its President, Donald Trump, will not be saying in the near distance “I hope we have not awoken a sleeping Tiger” as per the quote by Admiral Yamamoto when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour.

President Assad of Syria should not be regarded as a Tyrant or like the others that are now no longer there.  Assad is an extremely intelligent Man, and perhaps had he been backed, supported in the past when he was trying to deal with the Terrorists within his Country, the World would not now be in this position.  Instead of being supported, he was ignored where was he supposed to turn, he was driven to turn to Russia and Putin.

President Trump has been desperate to show the World that America is “Strong Again” egged on by all those “Lefties” that despised him, it is all they wanted, I trust that he will not live to regret it, because all those who were his enemies now backing him will soon turn on him, it is all they wanted.

America and President Trump should realize that Putin Is Not Asleep, don’t take him for a Fool, without doubt Putin is an extremely Dangerous man but He is not, I repeat, He is Not a Fool.

My opinion may not be a popular one, but it is mine, I liked Donald Trump I wanted to see him as President, so those who had been forgotten for far too long had a chance at last.  Interfering in Syria is not the answer, it is not the World’s fault that ISIS or whatever these bastards want to call themselves, use the innocents as a means of targets.  Assad is at War with the terrorists – War, America should remember how man Innocent Children and Babies were butchered in Vietnam, and American Troops were known to commit Crimes, or have they forgotten?  Don’t condemn others for doing what they believe to be right before you look at yourself.

I just hope and trust that my Prime Minister here in the UK, Theresa May will not be drawn into any War between America and Russia, Putin has been waiting, and American is playing into his hands.

Israel attacks Palestine and kills how many Children, how many Babies, I am sick of protesting about what the Israelis do.  Is it alright for Israel to butcher innocent Children, Babies, Pregnant Women, all the atrocities Israel commits yet no World condemnation.   America will never condemn Israel, as we all know the Jewish Vote is the biggest vote, and Money talks.


===========================================================================LATEST NEWS:    STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN.

A hi-jacked Truck is driven into a crowd in a busy Friday Shopping Centre, a pedestrianised  area.  The Swedish Police have stated that a significant number of People have been Injured.  The Swedish Parliament is “in lockdown”, the main Subways and Railways  have been closed.  Another Terrorist attack in Europe.

Three People have been murdered, and undoubtedly the figures regrettably will rise.  No one has been arrested.  The Swedish Prime Minister has stated that This Is A Terrorist Attack.  What is President Trump’s answer to this.

No one can defend what President Assad has done but one seriously has to look at what choices he had, ISIS use Children/Women/Old People as SHIELDS who is to blame?  One has to remember this is a WAR and Wars result in Casualties, horrific casualties happen. We ALL have to be prepared for what ISIS can and will do.

Those of us who voice our opinions against Wars also support those Soldiers – these brave Men and Women who go out and fight these Wars on our behalf.  Is it wrong of us to do this, NO of course not.

Last time LONDON, today STOCKHOLM, tomorrow ?



I fear that President Donald Trump, who has betrayed so many of those that believed in him, I fear he has, to quote Admiral Yamamoto “Awoken A Sleeping Tiger”.  Russia has responded and said all that President Trump has done is to facilitate ISIS, there are Political threats from Moscow to Washington.   I doubt very much that Russia will allow the fall of Assad, and there should be  no calls for Assad to go.  If the WEST had answered President Assad’s requests in the beginning for help to rid his Country of this ISIS we would not be here now.  But, America had a weak President, Obama.

Donald Trump has now got what he wanted the image of a Strong President – what America always wants to be seen as, they were weak under Obama.  Russia, who knows perhaps they will let it all go and let President Trump have his glory, or maybe they will retaliate.  We shall have to wait and see.



May your God go with You.  Stay Safe.




3 thoughts on ““AWOKEN A SLEEPING TIGER”

  1. But what of the Halabja massacre of March 16, 1988? There was no ISIS back then.
    Over a thousand women and children had perished in that attack. Then of course, there was the chemical attack by Saddam Hussein on the Kurds that killed over 5,000 and injured over 10,000 more. We read ghastly accounts of what Hitler had done to the Jews and wonder why countries of the world let THAT happen. Do we want to be questioned again for our lack of inaction?

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    1. Rob, of course that attack was so famous for all that was done. I am not saying Trump is wrong I am saying he has played to those who detest him, and he must be careful. Careful that her sends his plans for the “right” reason. I will always agree with you, you are much more informed than me and you know I will never disagree with you.


      1. Time will tell if he was right, Anna. I do believe that those who have accused him of being close with Putin will now have to reconsider. How are you feeling? I hope that you are doing better.


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