What is making me still stand

I don’t have the answers

I never went to bed last night

or is it this morning

5am my bedtime


I had to go for Blood Tests

Thursday morning early

and I knew if I slept

I would not be up in time


All the drugs I am on

now the liquid Morphine

to take away the pain in my right leg

which is not even working


So I decided “Do Not Sleep”

and I did not

my eyes are stinging

from the tv I watched

from the book I read


But at least

I made the Blood Tests Appointment

and managed to do

some shopping after


Then idiot I am

I cooked a Joint

of Beef Topside

for Dinner tonight


Am I standing

I think so

am I awake fully

simply NO







“Stairway to the Stars”  –  appropriate right now.


3 thoughts on “AM I REALLY AWAKE

    1. Do you know who the Consultant will be if I go Private, the same Consultant as I shall see on the NHS and it shall be at the same Hospital, the one near me. Believe me not only do I scream with the pain at times but I scream with utter frustration. I can’t stand straight, I can’t walk properly. I did a little shopping Thursday after Blood Tests, called into see Jonathan where he works, he took a break we went for coffee, I was in so much pain. Thursday night in the bath my right leg went into spasm, DP finally heard me screaming, got me out. The Dr is not listening, he does not know what to do, just prescribe more Morphine which “knocks me out” literally. I know the fall I had what before Christmas when I hit the centre bone in my right leg off the glass tv stand, thats what has done damage but the Dr ignores it. Every day I ring to try and get an earlier appointment but all FOUR phones are always on “Answer Machine” and no one rings back. This has worn me out. I will answer your most welcome email next few days. love to you all Cheryl. Annaxxxx

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