From the Greens and Browns

of the wondereous earth

to the Blue, blue Ocean

that flows beyond

to the Animals that roam the earth

to the creatures under the Sea

their freedom to swim

wherever they want

at least we hope


To the Sky above

at times so blue

and others so Grey

to the Moon at night

to stare and adore

to the Stars that twinkle

to that special Star

that we know

means so much


To this World of ours

and the People that live

whatever color

whatever belief

only one Man Created

all that we know


God that has Risen today

is the Father to all

whatever way we worship

or not

there is but One God

and in Him we must Trust


For after all that he suffered

Easter Sunday He Rose from the Dead

One God for All

One World He Created for All

One World so many try to destroy

Why? Why? Why?


Easter Sunday

for those that Believe

in all that it means

God Has Risen

God is our Friend

In God we Believe

In God we must Trust

In God We Love










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