Do you ever wonder

what we have done

that is so wrong

to deserve the crap

that is dished out to us


They call it Life

all it is

is an existence

until it ends


Life, Life


the sooner it ends

the better




Just so right,  Freddie Mercury and Queen.








8 thoughts on “DO YOU EVER WONDER

    1. Cheryl, just ordered the book “Ghost and Mrs Muir”. I will answer you next few days. My leg collapsed Thursday after going out, you can imagine, been made to rest since then, not been doing much on here.

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  1. The road gets rough and Rocky but we have to hold on… With every “Rocky Road” there comes a sweet cone at the end…. That’s a little play on words… You know the ice cream Rocky Road… I dont know if it’s spelled the same..😒😁 Well I hope I made you smile.

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    1. You made me smile, thank you. I have to keep going what other option is there. Made a mess of my right arm on Thursday evening, so much pain so much frustration took the paper knife to it, left it “cloggy” because I’m on Warfarin alternativer it stops the bleeding . I guess it helped. Been in bed until now, my right leg collapsed on me have to rest – its one problem after another. Could do with your Rocky Road Ice Cream right now. Best wishes.


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