tàirneach / thunder

So powerful, it must be read.

Karen Bain - Writer


I washed you out with bitter words
i washed myself out with it. spat me
out down the drain where I’m sitting
still. watching waiting for the change
to come to feel again to leave undone
to stop the hammer in my head that
keeps reverberating through each night
each day disrupting all, won’t leave me be..
i did not want what you wanted
i did not want
i did not
i did
I saw
i saw the spark
i saw the spark kindle
i saw the spark kindle and catch light
I saw the light within the darkness
the darkness within your eyes
i wanted to dive in to see to feel to
lose myself, get lost in all from me as
far from me as i could get it’s never
far enough. i see and feel the rain too much
i see and feel the voices echoing…

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8 thoughts on “tàirneach / thunder

    1. How sweet of you, thank you Sheldon. Still right leg probs, finally seen Consultant, had Ultrasound Sunday and now have to wait to see Consultant again, told it can take three weeks. I just want answers and an end to this pain, been a long time since February. Hope you are alright, and make sure you take care of yourself, thoughts are with you – Anna.


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