The Seasons

that come and go

bring with them

their own glows


Spring bursts in

with such joy

glory glory

how good it is

to feel young again

and to be alive


Daffodils waving their

little Yellow heads

the Bluebells abound

so pretty they look

Snowdrops if you’re lucky

cover the ground

all the joys of Spring


The Rhododendrons start to spread

with their massive flowery heads

the Camellias that creep and flower

in all the marvellous colours

Hydrangeas budding ready to burst

the Roses how we wait for them

Peonies heavy heads

Red Pink and White

but most of all the Trees

that are alive with

wondrous Blossoms

too soon they fall

and cover grass


Then Summer comes

and the Garden is full

all the colours all the flowers

the Roses that spread

and leave their scent

sit back on Terrace

and breathe in the beauty

and the scents


Soon Autumn arrives

sometimes good weather

usually a chill

the flowers not growing now

the Trees look sad

they know, oh they know

that soon, too soon

their Leaves will shed


Poor Garden

it looks unhappy it knows

we must prepare for Winter

soon the Winds blow in

then the rain

and before we know it


Winter has hit us

tidy this tidy that

secure water taps

stock up on Bird food

the Garden Birds

much joy they have given

so we must take extra care

for them


Snow arrives

how nice the Garden looks

but underneath

the Christmas Roses

are smothered

the last of the Fuschia

says “goodbye”

its more than cold

its F R E E Z I N G


Its nice living by the Sea

we have advantages

with the weather

yet we must wait

for Christmas to pass

and hope that Spring

will soon arrive


And round Spring comes

all is alive

hail the Bird Songs at 5am

Spring Spring

I’ll see another Year

makes me feel young

even though

Love will not be found

can we not hold onto you

for far too soon








The magic of Bill Evans and the voice of Tony Bennett  –  “You Must Believe In Spring”




4 thoughts on ““SEPTEMBER COMES ALONG”

      1. I am predictable as you well know Cheryl, for me as every year goes by too quickly I just long for Spring, and seeing the Lilac and Cherry Blossom once more. You and Autumn, is that when you met Arn?


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