Watching clocks

one, two, three

tick tock tick tock

slowly the hands go round


Trying hard to close the eyes

close, they open, try again

but no good

damn it not another night


Look out window

no street lights

all turned off

darkness there except

for our security lights


Watching stars

there it is the biggest one

my Special one

never fails me

look the Moon

what a sight


Tick tock, tick tock

go all the clocks

news flashes sound on

my mobile

how annoying

that music is


Tick tock

tick tock

tick tock

it’s mesmerising


My Dog is sound asleep

after barking and stomping paws

for and eating


she is addicted to them


Daisy sleeps tummy settled

she never hears the tick tock tick tock

I see the hands

slowly they move


Now here we are midday

still have not slept

at least can’t hear the

tick tock tick tock

maybe I will crash on keyboard

it has been known


Watch this space?





“Sleep Warm” by, well you know who it is, you recognise his voice.  Maybe I should play this and I might be able to sleep, sounds just about right for me!


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