He waited by the gates, just where she asked him to.  Inside the Gates, its where they had met on the last two occasions so he knew he was in the right spot.  Would she turn up he must have asked himself, after all he is so shy and reserved and well thats how it was, would he change, time would tell.  As for her, well she talked and talked and he listened but hardly answered, so why should she turn up again.

“Hello Jack” he heard the words being spoken there she was she did turn up and on time, what did she have in the other bag she was carrying he wondered.  “Hello Mary how are you since last week, busy” he asked “Yes Jack just the same, the Doctor had to go away for a few days but apart from that everything the same” answered Mary.

“Shall we sit down” said Jack.  Now Jack was just around 6ft maybe just over, he was partly bald which she did not mind, he had beautiful blue eyes and he was very reserved, he came from a very good Family, well to do Family in fact and was expected to give an Engagement Ring to the Girl who lived near his home, the two Families thought it should happen.

Here Jack was sitting on the bench next to Mary, Mary was not very tall had curly auburn hair and blue eyes, she liked to talk and she liked to dance – no chance of that with Jack he did not would not dance.  Mary was also very proud of her Bosoms, she was indeed very buxom.  Jack liked the look of her bosoms, what man could resist them, Mary was so proud of them, and he liked her legs she did have a very good pair of legs, Jack was a “Leg Man” it used to be called.

Mary brought with her some photographs to show Jack because he had been so quiet and she was  not sure she wanted to see any more of Jack.  Yet Mary agreed in her mind the third time the last time she would meet Jack but she was not prepared for what Jack had to say to her.

Mary came from a working class Family, Farmers and they did work hard, of course Jack and Mary did have one thing in common, they were both from Eire.  Jack from Blarney and Mary from West Cork.  They both came to England to work.  Jack had worked for the Ford Motor Company in Cork City in Eire, when the Company built a new Factory in Dagenham in Essex, England Jack along with many others were asked if they would go over to England.  A lot had different views about that, after all they were being asked to go and work in the land of their Occupiers.

Jack never, ever saw it that way to him when asked  or told he was a Traitor, Jack would simply reply “don’t ever bite the hand that feeds you”, he was never heard to get involved in the Politics of the two Countries, the Uk and Eire.  So Jack came to England with his best friend who happened to be, he found out, the eldest Brother of Mary.

Mary worked for a Doctor and his Wife in Richmond, she helped the Cook, did some cooking but mainly housework, she became life long friends with the Doctors Nanny there were 4 children.  She was to do precisely that, housework up to a year or two before her death aged over 90 years.  Jack did not live that long, he died aged 70 years from Cancer brought on not only from all the cigarettes he would smoke, but the chemicals in Fords, who knew then about asbestos and chemicals and what they could do.

On this day inside the Gates at Hyde Park, on a Bench near where there is now a lovely Rose Garden, not sure what was there then, well it was here that Jack Proposed Marriage to Mary and of course she jumped at it, “YES”.

They Married Easter 1939, Jack working at Fords but by then Mary had to give up work she could not travel back and forth from Ilford in Essex to Richmond.  Modern times you can do the journey from Ilford to Richmond and back, like from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex to Richmond and then back again some hours later, which I enjoyed a lot.

Did Jack and Mary remain Married, of course they did for a start they were both good Roman Catholics, and secondly they did Love each other.  Mary remained faithful to Jack, but she liked to flirt even to the end, she was always, always proud of her bosoms and they were huge.  Well to a small Child they were HUGE, even later to that Child those bosoms were HUGE.

Jack, of course, remained faithful to Mary, Jack in fact would have been happy had he lived on his own, he was a Loner liked his own company never appeared lonely.  Truth is he did put up  with Mary’s constant talking, half the time he never listened to her.  Mary waited on him she did everything for him, he was head of the house.  He was always reserved and very quiet.  Spoke more to someone else about his childhood and times in Ireland than he did to his Wife, and when Mary was told that after Jack died, purely as a means of saying what a good man Jack was, Mary was furious and never forgave that person Jack spoke to.  Jack would also warn his youngest Daughter “don’t ever rise me girlie, I don’t know my own strength”  that Girl never did.  But, she remembers a time when at the Dinner Table eating one evening she picked up the newspaper, her Father grabbed the newspaper from her rolled it up and hit her over the head with it, with the words “the table is for eating, you want to read the paper go and sit in the chair” she never did it again.

Did they Love each other Yes in their own way and yes they were still in Love, not passionate, Jack was never even Romantic.  He was give a bouquet of flowers once for Mary, Jack put them down the toilet at work rather than be seen walking home with them or getting on the bus.  That reminds me of my own Husband the only time he ever brought me a bouquet of flowers from the City (London) where he worked, when he came out of the railway station to get into our Car to come home, the Car had been stolen.  He blamed me never forgave me for the car being stolen, had he not brought the flowers the car would have been there.  MEN!!   I think Mary would have liked a Romantic Husband but it never happened just as I so would have loved my late Husband to be Romantic, he was not.

Jack and Mary were together from April 1939 to January 1978  –  39 Years long time, yet I was Married from December 27, 1975 to December 15, 1994  –   19 Years I was Married


I know deep down Mary loved Jack with all her Heart but she would have liked him to talk more to her, to have taken her dancing, gone here and there, be more romantic but that was not Jack and she settled for her lot.  Mary always had some bitterness within her but after Jack Died the bitterness towards one individual really showed through.  As for Jack he too loved Mary with all his heart but had he not met her he would have been happy on his own, I don’t believe he ever wanted to marry that girl back home in Ireland that both sets of Parents wanted, she in fact Never Married, that says a lot.

Jack never showed his affections for his two children, two Daughters he would buy them chocolates every Saturday when he finished his shift at Fords, but to his youngest Daughter she always wondered why he never cuddled her read to her sat her on his lap, all the normal things, whatever that word normal is meant to mean.    It was only when he had just a few hours left before he died, he called for his youngest Daughter, the Daughter who would ask him about Ireland about his home etc and he would tell her.  But now, at the very end he took her hand and he said words she could not fathom out what they meant, years later she realized and understood what her Father was telling her.  At the very end she learned that her Father DID LOVE HER.

I know, because I WAS THAT GIRL, THAT CHILD.    Jack Morrissey was my Father, born in Blarney Village opposite the Green just by the famous Blarney Castle Gates, later Jack Morrissey was to move to the Commons Road, Cork in the very last House before you head for Blarney, the House stands to this day as does the little Cottage he was born in, in Blarney.

Mary Tringle (or Trindle they the family never knew the real name) (Morrissey0 was born in Kippagh, pronounced Kip-Pork, near Dunmanway, West Cork.

I was born, well Christened is the correct word  –  Hannah, Anna, Theresa Morrissey later Married and became a Cottage.  My Father wanted Hannah my Mother wanted Anna, the Priest as I was about to be Baptised said “Hannah is Anna, and Anna is Hannah” – indeed they are not they are two separate names, of Jewish and Indian origin, strange my parents should choose those names. but this is on my Baptismal Certificate and everything Official has to bear the names “Hannah also known as Anna”, this was the gateway to my life my confusing, feeling and knowing I was not wanted life, plus all the other (excuse my language) s..t that went with my life.


Hope you enjoyed the above, how I have kept my eyes open I don’t know, I never slept last night, might do this night.

You might be interested to know that whilst proofreading this twice, something I always do, somewhere along the line I fell asleep on the keyboard and wiped out some words, hope it still makes sense, I have checked it again.

Take care and thanks for reading this.



Just had to put this didn’t I.











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