Lonely she stood there

wondering would he come

he had promised

all she could do was wait


The Fog started to come down

she was already

feeling the cold so much

despite her Red coat, scarf

bobbly hat and gloves


She watched as the cars

and buses with full lights on

drove slowly past her

Policeman were out

walking the pavements


She looked at her watch 9.30pm

how much longer she wondered

he had said 9pm she promised to wait

he said he could be late

but how late

she asked herself


She stood back

when people tried to pass

it was hard to see the end of the pavements

“sorry” “excuse sorry” is all she heard

she looked again at her watch

9.36 “must be more” she muttered


Just then arms went around her

she let out a small scream

“don’t do that” he said

as he kissed her on the lips

“boy you are so cold” he told her


All of a sudden

any annoyance she had felt

at his being late disappeared

“I am so glad you are here” she said

“so am I, lets go somewhere warm” he answered

“like where, anywhere special” she asked

as they both stood in the now heavy fog


“out of this British fog for a start

look there is a Pub, just about see it

lets try there” he told her

she took his hand as he led her

across the road to the pub


The pub was full and loud

and smoke more smoke she thought

he kissed on the cheek

then fought his way to the Bar

he came back with two drinks

“I love your British warm beer” he said


As she sipped her gin and tonic

and they chatted

he told her “let’s have two more

when he returned with two drinks

he handed her a drink

she had no idea what it was

turning to him “what is this” she asked

“the Landlord said its new in and would warm us

thought we would try it, we have to sip it

at least it would warm us up, according to the Landlord”

he told her taking her hand


“whats it called” she asked him

“I asked the Landlord that, he had to

look at the bottle to tell me” he said to her

“and” she asked “its called”

“Tequila” he answered


She went to drink it straight down

“no hold on just sip it, we must sip it” he told her

she looked at him as he smiled

they both put the glass to their lips and sipped

and “yes” she said “I am warm now”

“lets sip it down, it tastes good” he laughed

“are you warm” he asked her

“I’m warm in places I never imagined” she said to herself

as she just smiled at him

and he asked “where next”

where next indeed?






The magic still there, the one and only Judy Garland.












8 thoughts on “THICK FOG AND A NEW DRINK

      1. You may need to help me, with all the exciting things you get up to. Never known anyone like you, you certainly have opened my eyes for me, in the best way, “it takes my breath away”.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t drink a lot poppet maybe G&T or glass of wine, but at the moment with all the unexplained pain I am in I am taking a shot of Bourbon with the liquid Morphine the doc has me on, hardly takes the pain away.


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