A Familiar Tale

As ever, this is just so perfect, hope you enjoy it too.

Sandy Author

“It’s not the moment you open your eyes and find your world in disarray. The world is always in a state of chaos,” the old man said, his beady eyes glistening in the campfire light. “It is the moment you close your eyes. Because no one knows what lies at the depths of darkness. No one dares give in.”

The young men, huddled together and eyes wide, listened as the old man stroked his grey goatee, as he stared passed the cracking flames into the darkness, as the crickets mustered a funereal cacophony to accompany his drawl. They sat as the cacophony split the air and the night expanded, swallowing the universe.

Still the fire burned. And the young men would take torches with them to ward off the darkness. Until their hands become frail and they lose their grip.

Never questioning what they had been told.

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