Sam Fuller was a young Policeman “not long on the job” as they would say, but from a little boy thats all he wanted to be a good Policeman, his Mother’s Grandfather had been one all those years ago, he did not know much about him, his Mother did not remember a lot either.

This was one of those days in England, Autumn the leaves were falling and the leaves were so colourful, it was cold and the Desk Sergeant called for Sam to do a job this was a small Police Station in a smallish Village in the West Country.  Sam immediately went to the Desk Sergeant “Yes Sergeant you asked for me” said Sam  “Yes indeed I did Sam I want you to go to a house just to check on someone” said the Sergeant gruffly, “who is that then” asked Sam, the Sergeant stared at Sam and said “now now wait for me to talk before you interrupt young lad” barked the Sergeant, “Sorry Sir it won’t happen again” said Sam.  “Make sure it doesn’t young Lad, now this is the address, he runs the local plumbers, his Wife went away for the weekend to her Parents he stayed at home, some of his customers have been ringing him getting no reply, and some of them knowing his wife, this is a small place to live, they rang her she has rung us, hence I want you to go to the house just to check he is alright, got that” asked the Sergeant, “Yes Sir” said Sam “straight away Sergeant” said Sam.

Sam gathered everything he needed, put his thick Policeman’s coat on and his Helmet and off Sam went on his bike, no cars to be found here in this Village not for the likes of Sam at least.  Soon Sam found the address there were just a few houses it was all fields land, Sam found the house no.6 Peartree Road, it was just a normal house looked well kept from the outside Sam surmised, on the driveway sat a white van on the side of the white van was the name “Peter Harris Plumber” with the phone number.  Sam walked down the pathway to the front door of the house and he knocked on the door, no reply, so he knocked again, no reply.  Sam tried to look through the letterbox on the door but he could not see anything “hello, hello this is PC Fuller is anyone there, Mr  Harris are you there” called Sam he waited and waited and thought he was going to have to look through the windows.


Sam walked from the concrete path to the garden itself, trying to avoid the bedding plants, he leant on the sill of one of the front rooms the curtains had not been pulled.  He could see the electric fire on in the fireplace “someone is home then” thought Sam, slowly his eyes seemed to take in every fraction of the room then he jumps back, nearly falling into the plants.


“Good Morning would you like a cup of tea love” he heard this voice call, he recovered himself and turned to see this woman must have been in her 60s he thought holding out a cup of tea to him”, “yes thank you very much” said Sam  “its a cold morning I saw you arrive love and thought you might like this, any luck is Peter here” asked the comely Lady “Sorry may I have your name please” asked Sam, “of course love, look give me your cup then you can write my name in your little book, never had my name in a coppers book before now” she said, “I see but your name” Sam asked, “its Margaret love Margaret Telford lived her for as long as 30 years maybe more” she said, Sam wrote everything down and resumes drinking his hot tea he was grateful for he was feeling really cold.

“Do you know Mr Harris well,” Sam asked “oh yes love he moved in here with his wife about 12 years ago, we never had a plumber in the village and it was so good to have one, Peter is very good too” she said, “are there any children” asked Sam “no sad really Sally thats Peter’s wife she so wanted a baby they were both so disappointed it didn’t happen, affected Sally badly she became ill on and off, well a woman can understand that not a man love” said Mrs Telford.

“Thank you” said Sam as he preceded to go around the back of the house, Mrs Telford followed “no you better stay here” said Sam.  He walks around until he got to the back room and he stopped, he could not move, “Jesus” Sam said out loud as Mrs Telford came to see what was wrong “Oh NO NO NO” screamed Mrs Telford “you should not have come back here Mrs Telford, are you alright do you need help” Sam asked as he put his arm around Mrs Telford  she had her hand to her chest her more than ample bosom that was “I’m alright luvvie its the shock is that Peter, poor poor Peter” she mumbled.  “Mrs Telford you need to go home would you make more tea I will have to ask to use your phone to phone the Station said Sam, “of course luvvie of course you can, I’ll put the kettle on” she cried.

Sam pushed and pushed the back door until he was able to get in, he had to be so careful not to touch anything, there laid the supposed Peter Harris halfway in the kitchen doorway halfway in the back room, blood was everywhere the floor was covered even the wall.  If this was Peter Harris he had a knife looked like the Bread Knife right in his chest, he had a scar on his forehead it was a mess, all the blood.  Sam suddenly felt woozy just see all the blood first time he had ever seen anything like this, “have to phone the Sergeant” said Sam.  He pulled shut the back door and secured it the best he could and called into Mrs Telford, she was standing in her garden, “I’m here luvvie thought you would not know the house” she said.

Sam climbed over the small fence into Mrs Telford’s garden ” thank you very much if I may use the phone” Sam proceeded to wipe his feet “don’t worry about that luv” said Mrs Telford putting a cup of tea by the phone for him, she went to the kitchen while Sam phoned his Sergeant.

“Ring ring ring ring ring” the phone went it seems to go on forever Sam thought, finally one of the other PCs answered “steve can I speak to the Sergeant” said Sam “yes of course don’t tell me first big call out and you’ve got problems you don’t do you Sam” said Steve, “is the Sergeant there Steve” asked Sam “okay okay here he comes Sarge its Sam” Sam heard all this, “enough of the Sarge bit its Seargeant to you, yes PC Fuller what can I do for you” said the Sergeant, “I think its a MURDER Sergeant” said Sam “a what did you say Murder how do you know” asked the Sergeant “because the floor is covered in blood and the victim had a bread knife in his chest” said Sam.

“Right, I’ll get everything moving here, you stay put, secure the property, do not go in and Sam you have done very well, are you alright” asked the Sergeant.  “Thanks Sergeant it was a big shock, never seen anything like this before but I am fine, I have not gone in , I have only gone into the kitchen not touched the body, and I have secured the door, I’ll wait now for the Forensics to arrive and CID” said Sam  “well done Sam I am proud of you lad and your mum would be too, didn’t you say the lady next door was making tea” asked the Sergeant, “yes she is, she is lovely very upset of course but she is so good constantly giving me tea and toast”, said Sam “that good lad the tea will do you good, if you need me phone otherwise they will all be there soon okay” said the sergeant, “okay” said Sam.



To be continued, well maybe?





















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