I haven’t been able

to go to the Hairdressers

for must be

several months

due to a leg problem


So my hair is growing

slowly it seems

but what is growing faster

is the White

I see appear


I admit

I usually have a colour

added every six weeks

and although some still exists

at the sides

the Grey appears


My Sons say

“it looks nice”

I’m not so sure myself

I think they are only saying this

to make me forget


I can’t wait to get back

to the the Hairdressers

and have my colour added

and hide the grey

at the sides

so I won’t see


I think I shall

let my hair grow

just a little more

and see what happens then

but come on Leg

start improving

so I can walk

and sit

without the

pain within


So Women and their hair

I don’t think we are vain

I used when young

had very long fair hair

my Husband to be

used to call me

“Alice in Wonderland”

because I wore a band

then after I married

I cut it

and that he did not

like one bit


But I love brushing my hair

and taking care of it

and I miss it looking nice

instead of now

looking a mess


































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