I know that a British tv programme

that  is so popular here

is shown around the World

so I hope you will understand

what I’m about to say


Today is my Birthday

no need to mention numbers

early hours of this morning

I had a lovely greeting

from my youngest Son


Coming into my bedroom he declared

“you know when you die the two of us

(his brother and himself) on your

headstone we shall put

“For You Anna, The CHASE IS OVER”

I laughed and said

“I’m going to be Cremated

but you can still put a plaque up”


This morning, well late morning

my eldest Son came to me

in my bedroom and hugged me

like a Bear, when small

I used to say “Teddy Bear hugs” to the boys


My youngest Son

is so like his late Father

he does not show affection via hugs and kisses

but he spoils me with whatever I want

(unlike his Father)

lucky, I am indeed


Jonathan my eldest said

“you don’t look your age”

I smiled

and he said “no I mean it

you really don’t look your age”

that certainly helped


So here I am

I shall cook Roast Beef tonight

the sun is shining

my painful leg is a little easier

so I’m going to try and tidy the gardens

I shall try anyway


But for now coffee is waiting

and I have Rod McKuen singing

and everything for once is good

won’t last

but shall enjoy while I can


I wish you all a Happy Mothers Day

here in the UK

we have had ours





I know its rude of me, but please let me indulge myself with this from gentle Rod McKuen, “I’ll catch the Sun”.










  1. Happy Happy Birthday and Happy Mothers Day my dear friend ❤❤❤

    I hope you received the email I sent a while back? Today marks 7 months since My Jim gained his wings Anna. It boggles my mind how fast the time has flown by. I have ok days, and I have the not-so-ok days. I know that’s to be expected, and quite honestly, I believe that’s how it will be till I’m back in his arms again.

    Tomorrow I close on my home. I will have my own space and solitude. Living among the trees I hope to heal, as best I can, what is still broken inside of me.

    Enjoy your day! Sending tons of love and hugs from North Carolina USA ❤❤❤❤💛☀💛☀🌳💚🌳💚🌳

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you poppet for remembering me it is very sweet of you and that means such a lot. I did receive your email and I am ashamed to say I have yet to answer, I will do I promise you. You have a new home, I feel happy for you that you will have your own space. Every night Linda you are in Jim’s arms, you may not always feel it or sense it but he is there watching and protecting you, poppet I know I have said this before so forgive me but I do envy how much you were loved, that will never die for you Jim was the love of your life. Close your eyes tight and you will feel safe in Jim’s arms. Many thanks again for the wonderful wishes. This leg business has occupied my mind, I have finally after ten weeks of waiting seen a Specialist, I will let you know. You take care and I can’t tell you how much your Friendship means to me, God Bless, Love Anna

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    1. Thank you dear Rob, it was just a normal day, except regrettably one year older. My eldest Son surprised me with a stunning Birthday Cake he had, arranged to be made for me, that was really lovely. Hope you are alright.

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    1. Not really unfortunately been ill since Christmas, problem with legs then February I had a very bad fall crashed into a thick glass tv table hit centre bone in right leg. Been in agony, Dr decided to increase pain killers, then gave me liquid morphine, I already wear a patch – he just has not been listening, I can barely walk and he decided finally I needed to see a Specialist, ten week wait saw him last week he was so thorough but unfortunately has made the pain a lot worse. Due to have an Ultrasound Scan on Sunday, spec. suspects maybe a chipped bone and muscle damage. I will tell you something I never ever want this pain again, its relentless, can barely walk. Glad to hear you are ok, you stay that way, all the best, Anna.

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    2. Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me. Its one of pain and anger to be honest, back and forth the Dr since Christmas and particularly February and its only now this Sunday just gone I had an ultrasound scan, took an hour so I hope it won’t be too long before I get the results, I was told up to three weeks I have to wait. I am not doing so much on the internet, the pain overrides everything and if I take the liquid Morphine it completely knocks me out. I either sleep for hours on end or don’t bother going to bed, like right now. I just pray this is all going to end before long. You take care of yourself, all the very best, love Anna.


    1. I wish you knew a way too, when young you don’t realize how quickly the years pass, you look around and you have less ahead of you. Thank you for your kind wishes, I so appreciate it, and love all the very best to you and your family as well.


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