I will make this short, as most people the World over by now know, last night around 10.30pm there was an explosion just inside a Foyer at the Manchester Arena, here in the UK.   I don’t know the performer that was there to entertain, but the Arena was full with young people and young children some with parents or friends, some without.

To me the victims of these hideous bombings are what matter whether they be young, middleaged or old it is not important, they are all Victims.

We here in the UK should not be surprised that there has been another Terrorist Attack, we have been warned and we know that these people these Terrorists will not be going away.  Ironic that the Terrorists chose the Fourth Anniversary of Soldier Lee Rigby to carry out their attack.  As all British know Soldier Lee Rigby was slaughtered, and I use that word to describe what happened to him for that is what happened, he was slaughtered.  On the Streets of London Soldier Rigby was attacked hacked to death and decapitated.  This is how barbaric these Terrorists are.

What has annoyed me and continues to do so is the way the British Government and ALL the Politicians and the news people on tv are terrified to mention the word Muslim, WHY?  For goodness sake we know that there are Muslims who are Terrorists, Muslims that are hidden by their Families their Friends.  Why are not these people found their homes searched, their families arrested and if its proved they are complicent with Terrorists attacks why are they not Deported.

No this Country, the UK is too soft too scared to mention the word Muslim in connection with Terrorism.  Wake up, be honest tell the British Public the truth we can take it we have taken much more than this in the past.  Our Forefathers fought for this Country of ours.

I remember only too clearly the IRA Bombings that took place not only in Northern Ireland but in the UK, I don’t recall any Government not calling the IRA “Murderers” and worse, I remember only too well British people referring to those in the IRA as “F…..G Bastards”.  Every Time a bomb went off my Mother who was from Southern Ireland, she worked for a famous Supermarket, Sainsbury’s at the time, those friends of hers those that worked alongside of her, would blame her swear at her etc etc, she would come home red faced from crying.  I know all about the Birmingham and Guildford injustices.  Likewise I remember only too well when the IRA planted a Bomb in Warrington and blew apart two little boys one a toddler, both boys Tim Parry and Jonathan Ball were out on that Saturday to buy a gift for their Mothers for “Mothers Day”.  The IRA were callous I would not could not defend them.  I did not agree with forgiving Gerry Adams or Martin Mcguinness, once a Terrorist Always a Terrorist.

But now we have more than callous Terrorists we have people who are prepared to blow themselves up to achieve their all their sick means and yet there are people who will not refer to them as they are, Muslim – I know there is good and bad, these are evil pure evil.  They are not Catholic, or Baptist or Church of England they are Muslim Terrorists.

Why the LEFTIE BBC and other channels are too scared to say who these people are is  beyond me.  Last nights Bombing was despicable the lowest of the lowest and when its proved it is Muslim extremists Terrorists then say it dont hush it up, dont make excuses don’t lie and say it was someone with mental health problems, this excuse is wearing thin.

Perhaps it will take a Terrorist Attack on the Royal Family, on the ruling Government, the Houses of Commons – inside that is, before the British People Wake Up and say the Terrorists are Muslim Terrorists, who are prepared to bomb, slaughter, butcher their way to get what they want.  The will not break the will of the British People, they will not win.

What we do about the situation I don’t have any answers, do you.  If you believe in God then we must place out trust in Him.





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