I have just watched a Special Report from Downing Street on Sky News.  Our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced that the situation in our Country has now been raised to the highest “Critical” level and that a Terrorist Attack is now imminent, and that we must be very vigilant.

After last night’s horrific and unnecessary Manchester Bombing I did say that we should be prepared for another attack and now Theresa May PM has announced that the Army will be deployed and that we here in the UK must be very vigilant that there is another Terrorist Attack on its way.

I know what it was like to live in England when the IRA Bombs went off but I have no idea and I have great admiration for those people who lived through those most dreadful times in Northern Ireland.  The IRA were completely different to the Extremist Muslim Terrorists that we now face, albeit back then when the IRA were operative it is in the Middle East that the IRA trained.  These Terrorists are completely unpredictable.

The Manchester Bomber was radicalised ironically in what was a former Roman Catholic Church, turned into a Mosque, that was used under false pretenses, to radicalise these death bombers.  In the Town where I live, Clacton-on-Sea in Essex there is a Muslim Centre for Women there was strong opposition to this Centre opening, along with my eldest Son we were not opposed to this, but it is doubted now that this centre is used as a womens centre.  There is large unemployment section in this Town there are young people on drugs on booze who could easily with the persuasion of money in their pockets be radicalised, this is how it works.  My Town is not the only Town it is all over the Country and I should imagine the Inner Cities are worse.

In Great Britain this weekend it is a Bank Holiday weekend, and  many major Sporting events are going to take place.  It is the FA Cup Final – a major, major event.  There is a major Rugby event at Twickenham and a Big Boxing event at Sheffield, thats not to mention all the massive shopping centres, the Tourist Attractions  it is frightening to think.

We now know there are suicide bombers as in Manchester, the suicide bomber apparently was an expert bomb maker.  I question why the authorities if they have all this information and more they did not raid homes, businesses carry out arrests  As in London Westminster Cars, Lorries are driven at people.  I cannot say more clearly that our Security Services are dealing with absolute Extremists.  It is a very frightening situation in this Country, it may not be this weekend it mat be the following weekend or any day.

Tonight Theresa May, PM could not have made it more clear to us and we must be 100% vigilant.  Wherever you live whether it be this Country or abroad I hope and pray you too will stay safe.

As I have stated before whatever God you believe in then we must put our trust in Him.  I have no answers to all of this.  I can see no solution and I find it frightening, that is normal.  But, I will not allow these Extremists Muslim Terrorists to believe that they can come to my Country, many thanks to Mrs Merkel, my goodness she has so much blood on her hands, I will not let these Extremists beat us.

Great Britain has stood strong before and we shall do so again.   Stay Safe, God Bless.



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