I live by the Sea

and nothing pleases me more

than to Sail on glistening waters

to feel the cool cool waters

albeit the North Sea


The Sun blazes down

and I feel hot

as I wipe my brow

I look at you

and I know

oh how I know

how much I love you


The Sun on the water

and the ripples my hands make

I lay back here and soak up the Sun

while the Seagulls

fly above

hopefully avoiding me


I’m hot so hot

my face runs with sweat

and suddenly I hear that voice

“what on earth are you doing”

its my youngest Son


I look up

and there I see

through the window

my Garden

I look down


Here I am at my kitchen sink

hands in boiling water

scrubbing the racks from my ovens

my hands red raw from the

wire Brillo soap pads

that voice that shouts

“are you mad, you’ll be in more pain later”

my Son and how right he is


I am mad

cleaning two ovens

but my dream on a boat

on the glistening waters

was wonderful so wonderful

while it lasted

and I’m still in Love!!









John Denver  –  Enjoy while you can


6 thoughts on “WHILE IT LASTED

    1. Thank you Rob you are always the Gentleman you have such a charming way with you. My Daydream keeps me going, maybe stupid but thats me. As my late husband used to say “life is never boring with Anna she’s a one off” knowing now there was little love for me not too sure what he meant. Bless you Rob.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Daydreams are wonderful, Anna. There’s nothing wrong with them. I find them a wonderful way to escape from an otherwise stressful – or boring – day.


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