an-luchdaich / overload    

Such a wonderful Writer, and great photograph.

K Bain - Writer

how did I get to this place ?

this undetermined stop. inside the garden

of the walled indifference

of me. do i stop in recognition of these silent

shadowed spaces. do they perceive me, at my

weakest point. do they hear the

static overload. the voices that push

& press, all the buttons all at once.

the pressure to address,

the irritation in my mind. that is pulled

to the point of overload. are they the

silent witness to the thoughts

that live past rescued reason.

the shapes that watch & follow.

that walk, stalking beyond the cracks.

pulling me over the unseamed edge.

inside the well worn ridges of my

descending mind[set] in its oblique

groove overture.

©Copyright Karen Bain 2017.All Rights Reserved.

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