At that instant when she entered alone the Bar, he turned where he was sitting and his eyes were concentrated on her, he watched to see if she was with anyone, but it appeared not.  She walked over to the bar, the far end from where he was sitting, and with haste the Barmen walked over to her “Hi” he said “how are you, what would you like to drink”, “a Long Island Tea” she said with that sultry voice that appeared to suit her features and long dark hair that cascaded over her shoulders.

Soon the barman returned with her drink “I’m Ben, enjoy, if you want anything else just call”, Ben said “I will” she said as she added “I’m Sasha”, Ben smiled in the hope he could ask for a date later.  Without haste the chap at the end of the Bar soon made his way to where Sasha was sitting, eyes in the bar seemed to be watching Sasha taking in every inch of her figure.

The man at the end of the Bar made his way to where Sasha was sitting, “hello my name is Simon”, Sasha looked at him, took his extended hand and replied “hello I’m Sasha”, “haven’t seen you here before are you new to Town” he asked her “yes I moved here a few days ago, this is my first time in here”, he was fascinated by her, and loved her sultry voice, her long legs, her hair that shone like the Aegean and appeared to be the same colour, she had a body he wanted to hold.  “Do you live and work here” she asked “yes I moved here 12 years ago work for the main Bank and you what do you do”, “I do modelling” she answered and Simon was not surprised looking at her what else would she be.

The two of them became close but Sasha made sure she had no more than two drinks, not even finishing her last drink.  Time moved on then suddenly Sasha put her right hand on his right hand and said “I really must be going home now, very nice talking to you” she said, Simon suddenly felt he could not lose this woman, “may I see you home” he asked, she kissed him slowly on the lips running her cold fingers down his cheek swinging back her hair.

Ben the barman had been noticing all evening how this guy had moved in on Sasha and he realized he did not stand a chance with her.  Ben was determined to go over to where they were sitting, as he approached the table Sasha looked at him “thank you Ben” this is for you she said, she stood and kissed Ben on his cheek.

She slowly walked away with Simon, Simon wrapped his arm around her waist.  Ben looked at the tip that Sasha had given him but wrapped in the tip was a piece of paper “I’ll see you again Ben” she had written. Ben smiled and he told himself he would be spending time with her.


Pat Two

As they left the Bar and Simon called for a cab, soon a cab drew up to the kerb and slowly Sasha entered the cab Simon slid in next to her, “where we going” asked the cabbie Simon looked at Sasha “what’s the address”, Sasha turned to him and said “why don’t we go back to your place Simon” as she kissed him on the cheek.  Simon leant forward and told the cabbie the address.  Simon kissed Sasha, his hand feeling her breasts “why don’t we wait” she said.  “Its hard looking at you”  Simon said as Sasha slid her right hand to the inside of Simon’s left thigh feeling his thigh up and down suddenly Simon held her hand as she felt around his crotch.  The Cabbie looking in the mirror, “we are here” the cabbie said, “that was quick” said Simon as he paid the cabbie who just smiled.

Simon held out his hand for Sasha to leave the cab and they entered the apartment block whe he lived, they kissed in the lift, Simon running his hand under Sasha’s dress feeling her legs, she held his hand ” don’t be so impatient” she said.  Suddenly the lift stopped and out stepped Simon with Sasha, “here this is my place” Simon said, he opened the door put the light on and held Sasha’s hand as he showed the Apartment, all he wanted to do was hold her and kiss her, ” wait wait, slowly its more fun” she said.  “Where’s your bedroom Simon” Sasha asked as Simon took her hand “this is it” as Simon switched on the lights, I’ll make some drinks “what would you like” he asked  “you surprise me something long something cool to suit the mood” she smiled.

Simon quickly appeared with drinks put them by the bedside and held Sasha “I want you you’re so beautiful” he said “Simon undress I’ll help” she said, “you want me to undress first” Simon asked, “yes you will enjoy it all promise” said Sasha as she quickly undid the belt button and zip of his trousers, Simon quickly removed his tie and shirt with the help of Sasha “I love men with hairs on their chests I so love them” as she ran her tongue up and down his chest, suddenly she turned around “undo my dress darling “, quickly Simon undone the zip and slipped the dress off Sasha’s sleek soft shoulders.

Sasha stepped out of her dress and turned to face Simon all he could do was look at her, she was everything he would want “do you like what you see Simon”, “oh yes sure I do” he went to touch her bosoms but she quickly pushed Simon onto the bed, she pulled down his boxers and said “nice very nice” as she stroked him up and down “Sasha” he said, but she put her fingers to his lips “don’t say anything”.

She slipped off her high heels and climbed across him on the bed, she took his hands and he felt her bosoms “aren’t you going to undo me” she asked Simon undone her bra and held her bosoms as they cascaded like her hair this time each hand held each bosom, he let his mouth surround her nipples one at a time and then rubbed her bosoms, she lent forward to him her bosoms touching his mouth she slid off the bed “what’s wrong” he said as he came to the edge of the bed, “nothing” she told him “don’t you want to remove my panties, don’t you want to feel ” she asked him “of course I do” Simon told her as he slid her panties down and she slowly stepped out, he ran his hands up and down her legs his fingers feeling how soft the inside of her legs were then his fingers felt her she sighed and held his hand tight on her “don’t stop Simon,” as she pushed his fingers further into her she tossed her hair she  and squealed and Simon wanted her.

He quickly lifted her onto the bed, “no” she said “what Sasha what do you mean, no” as she pushed him back on the bed and climbed onto him and felt his penis stroking it, it was so firm and ready “Now Simon” she called and to Simon as he pushed and pushed, to him  this is what she wanted, he didn’t expect her to be on top of him so soon, she was so different.  They made love and Simon was exhausted, she cleaned herself up and then climbed across him she stroked his face “why don’t you sleep darling” he kissed her hard on the mouth “I have never had anyone like you”, “good” she said as she played with his balls, he sighed and closed his eyes, she strokerd his head he had fallen asleep.


Part Three

It was time for Sasha to leave, she had not planned on staying after this, despite what he might have thought.  Sasha climbed off him slipped her panties back on put her bra back on, picked up her dress and shoes and her bag, placed them on the chair in the living area, took from her bag what she needed and walked back to Simon sound asleep on the bed.  She climbed across his body slowly placing the silk scarf around his neck and twisting so tight she pulled and pulled, Simon woke but too late her strength while he slept had been too much for him.  She watched and listened as the last of life left him.

She wore the rubber gloves and then proceeded to wash him, wash what evidence she could off him she had been so careful whilst in his apartment, she had not touched anything, the glass she drank from was now in her bag to be disposed off.  She washed with the strongest scents she could find every bit of his body back and front that she may have touched.

She picked up his boxers from the floor and placed them in the bag too, quickly Sasha remembered his trousers shirt and tie she had touched, she found them rolled them up and put them in the large bag she always carried.  She removed the scarf smoothed his hair and covered his body as though he were asleep with the duvet over him.

Sasha dressed looking around again for proof she may have left something but no there was nothing.  Time now she told herself to search for money, she found his wallet and within plenty of money.  She went to his office desk looked in each of the drawers and money laid there, Simon obviously liked to have plenty of money available, she would not take valuables they could be easily traced and she did not believe in “souvenirs”, not for her.

She closed the door to the apartment as she left, luckily there was no one around on the floor or the lift, as she exited onto the entrance, the Porter called out “good night madam, would you like a car”, she did not turn she just said in her sultry voice “yes please”, “right maam won’t be a minute and sure enough he quickly managed to hail a cab, Sasha tipped the Porter waving “goodnight” as she slipped into the cab and sped away.  “where to” said the driver just here turn left then right” and the driver did so “here its fine how much” she paid the driver and out she got she watched the driver sped off before she quickly crossed the road and walked down the road, there her car was parked.  She hurriedly got into her Mercedes and sped off.

Off to a new destination off to what.  As she crossed the Bridge out into the long road and the night, she drove for hours many, many hours, seeing a river on the left side, she quickly stopped the car, wrapped up all of Simon’s belongings, she placed them in a thick bag that contained much gravel before getting rid of it all she pulled the black wig that she wore revealing her blond hair underneath, tied it all up and threw it into the river, on the side of the road making sure no cars were in site she set light to the gloves and scarf, soon they were nothing but ashes.  Sasha made sure she left no evidence.

She climbed back into the car, before speeding off, she laughed to herself at the stupidity of some men, they don’t even notice that I have no black pubic hair, its fair but they have their minds on other things she said to herself.  Sara, her real name, wiped off the lipstick and sped off into the night away from it,  all behind her the night and the memories, she never gave another thought.  Sara was going home.











The Great Al Martino  and “Come Share The Wine”




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