I don’t know if anyone outside the UK will know of the programme “Blue Peter” a Children’s programme that was on BBC1.

I would watch this programme with my young First Born Son and then my Second Son.  Sadly very sadly today it has been announced that Blue Peter Presenter JOHN NOAKES has so sadly died aged 83.

John Noakes was fantastic, children learned a lot from him, he was happy charming wonderful and there could never ever be such a great Children’s presenter as there was in John Noakes.

John Noakes was 83 when he died and sadly he had been suffering from that dreaded Alzheimer’s, and according to his Family it was pretty bad.  Poor Mr Noakes did not deserve to suffer as he so obviously did, may John Rest In Peace.

All Children, even Adults will remember John Noakes with warmness and love, John was an absolute treasure and as tears fall tonight we also remember all the funny moments on those episodes of Blue Peter that he appeared on.

John would climb Nelson’s Column in London, ride Elephants in the Studio, Horses in the Studio you name it he did it.  All the time

Thank you dear John Noakes for everything , may God Bless You and Keep You Safe.












Rest In Peace John Noakes











9 thoughts on “JOHN NOAKES – BLUE PETER

    1. I guess the older we get those long ago days seem nearer. Seems like yesterday I would sit Jonathan on my lap to watch Shep remember Shep? By the way I heard from the Specialist’s office I have an appointment June 10, I hope Results and treatment.


    1. Thanks Kate, John Noakes really was a natural Childrens entertainer. His Family said he suffered terribly from Alzheimer which is so sad, its a dreadful, dreadful illness. Hope you are alright, being busy of course.

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