She cared about her Marriage she loved the Man she had chosen, or perhaps more correct he chose her, or so he thought.  Approved by his Family as he was much admired by hers.

Marriage, Marriage how good it sounded, the perfect woman the perfect man, until one looked deep inside and then one would see perhaps the truth.

Money of course had nothing to do with it, really?  How many would actually believe that.  Guess who had the money, he of course.   She found that rather attractive especially when he would spoil her first the Jewellery, then the Clothes, the Shoes the Handbags in fact whatever she wanted she could have.

Yet she loved him and she showed it, she comforted him when he was sad when things went wrong, which was not that often.  She made love, or gave him sex as and when he wanted it, which was very often.  His Father was known to like sex, in and out of Marriage.

His Parents had been married for over forty years and his Mother had accepted how her Husband would behave, she had everything she could possibly want.  The beautiful Home they resided in, the home he had grown up in in Oxfordshire, England.  The Apartment near Harrods in London, the Chateau in Provence and the Apartment overlooking Central Park in New York.  Yes one could say his Mother allowed her husband his little ways she was well paid for it.

Alexandra Mitchell had chosen well the Son of a Shipping Magnate, “Tony” Anthony Rupert Morgan Fitzherbert was the Son of this  most powerful man and Tony to his Mother and Father and now his Wife and all his friends was an affable quite intelligent likeable individual.

His Wife, Alexandra, Alex to everyone, was beautiful, charming, intelligent everything one would want in a choice for one’s Son.  She worked for a Merchant Banker, his Secretary and a little more but that was kept quiet.  She had met Tony Fitzherbert at a cocktail party and they hit it off, soon he seemed to be inseparable from Alex.  Within months Tony had proposed to Alex and she accepted, of course she did she would have been a fool otherwise.

They had as one expected a glamorous Wedding at the Family seat in Oxfordshire, with over 500 guests.  Alex’s Wedding Dress was designed by only the best and a Diamond Necklace and Bracelet was given to Alex on her Wedding Day, and then Tony whisked Alex off to America to California, then to Hawaii and finally Bermuda.  As Alex’s friends would say “she done well for herself”.

Tony gave Alex whatever she wanted the latest Porsche, the latest Mercedes, shopping when and for whatever she wanted.  But, and of course they must be a “But”, but Alex had to resign from her job and be the Wife in the new home near his Parents, Alex did cry and tell him how much she would miss London.

And whilst making love to her husband she pleaded and cried and had him promise he would buy a small Apartment in London for her when she wanted to go shopping, Tony could not refuse her, as she laid there in the bed her naked body all his as he felt her nipples played with her ample bosoms, ran his hands down her body and his fingers feeling the softness of her inner thighs how easily his fingers slipped into her, how soft and smooth she was and she would sigh and cry the tears he would kiss how could he refuse her as he entered her and he delighted she had her orgasims.  So Alex achieved her Apartment in London and later another one in New York.

Alex was sad to leave her job, but she kept in touch with her Merchant Banker, yes they kept in touch especially when Alex went to Town and stayed at the Apartment in Chelsea.  How she and her Merchant Banker renewed the friendship they kept quiet from Alex’s Husband of course, let alone the Banker’s Wife.

Alex and Richard, the Banker, would make love, sleep and make love they could not get enough of each others bodies.  As Alex sat at the end of the Brass Bed, Richard’s feet on her lap she would stroke his toes and run her tongue over his toes made him laugh but what he liked most was when Alex would crawl towards him and he would take her bosoms rub them feel her nipples in his mouth as Alex would stroke his Penis up and down up and down her tongue stroking the tip it felt good so good as Richard pulled her onto him and she helped his erect Penis inside her, “you happy” Richard would ask, as she would throw back her head shake her hair and laugh then tears as she told Richard “harder harder, more” – yes yes this was better yes yes so much better than her Husband.  She would tell Richard they would have to shower as they must reek of each other, and Tony would notice that no doubt.


Alex was always sorry to leave Richard and as he would kiss her his hands holding feeling her breasts, his right hand then  sliding between her legs feeling inside her “don’t  oh yes  yes” then he would have to go, until the next time, the next time soon.

Life for Alex from the outside was good more than good but there were times now when she wondered where it was all going to end, because nothing lasts forever she kept telling herself “nothing lasts forever”.

Alex didn’t like the weekends when she and Tony would have to spend the weekend with his Parents, his Mother kept asking how Alex felt, but  “Pops” Tony’s Father always insisted on the name, Pops was more blunt, he would place his hand on Alex’s stomach “come on Alex about time a new Fitzherbert was there” he was course at times.  Alex knew Tony wanted a Baby but she was not ready she was not sure she wanted a Child.  Not in her plans.

Months passed years passed still no little Fitzherbert and Pops never stopped asking, even saying “what are you doing wrong boy” as he barked at his Son, Tony would walk out of the room leaving his Mother to say “why do you have to behave the way you do, now look what you have done”, to which Alex would witness Pops barking at his Wife “for goodness sake woman time the boy gave Alex a child, you made him too soft”, “that’s right it would be my fault wouldn’t it” his mother would say in reply before storming out of the room.

Alex would try to follow her but Pops would stop her “Alex come and sit down, perhaps you should give up Horse riding maybe that is not helping”, “fool” Alex would say to herself “Pops it will happen if it is to, we just have to wait”, “wait how long Alex” said Pop.  Alex left the room, he sounded threatening.

Alex ran upstairs where Tony was in their bedroom, upset of course.  He was sitting on their bed Alex went to him he clasped her around her waist and cried as she stroked his hair comforting him, reassuring him.  She thought of his Mother down the corridor or in her Library or wherever she had gone was this to be her future was she to end like this.  Alex had to take a good close look at her life.

Could she realistically live the rest of her life with this man, this man that was intimidated by his Father, yet she would be giving up the House, the two Apartments, the Cars the luxuries.  Yes she would get a good settlement but it would not be like this, she would miss everything.

As Alex stared out of her bedroom across the Lawns to the fields in the distance, the Stables where she went riding on her Horse “Sadie”, yes she had everything she had ever dreamt of, but she turned and there was her Husband his head in his hands, then there was Richard yes Richard had his wife but she and Richard had so much together.

Should she give up all of this, could she give it all up, would she give it all up.

Would You?







Tony Bennett, who else.  “The Good Life” in French or English just so beautiful.




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