So Shocking

don’t you think

that in this tragic


World of ours


Only 90%

of Wildlife Tigers



90%  –   90%

where have they gone

as a Child

I never imagined

that anything like this

could possibly happen

but it has


Its too late

to do anything

for those lost

but we must Save

the 90% that is left




2 thoughts on “TIGERS TIGERS DON’T GO

  1. Yes tragic. Wildlife is being decimated all over the world. What once teemed is now remnants. It is terrible and relentless.
    The environment is the number one issue for me.
    There are simply far too many people.

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    1. I agree with you totally, surprised? Terrorism will help lower the numbers of people, but what really needs to be done and I have been saying the same thing for as far back as I can remember – “Sex education, Birth Control” and the Catholic Church not to force their objections to Birth Control Methods as they do. That does not mean I agree with Abortions, there can be certain reasons for abortion but not because “its a form of birth control”.

      Saving Wildlife is a priority, Animals used for Entertainment MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. It saddens me terribly about the beautiful stunning Tigers. Thanks for you comment, I appreciate it.


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