There He roamed

through the long grasses

in the heat of the day

he looked and looked

but to no avail


He was strong

He was powerful

He was majestic

yet he roamed alone


“Perhaps one day”

he thought

“Maybe I will find a mate

someone who will share my life

we will hide and be safe”

the words that came to his mind


The Majestic Male

roamed the long grassess

day in day out

soon he would see others

but not many


He would need to keep safe

like the others that are left

safe from the vicious predator



Yet, those of us

that love the majesty

of the Jungle

the Tiger

we know, we have to know

that we must save

all those that are left



there will








“Tiger in the Jungle”  enjoy, just some fun!!


    1. Maybe he was lucky and found his mate. What upsets me is that there is only 90% of Tigers left in the Wild, I was a young child in the 1950s and would it have been believed back then that this would be the situation. We have to protect them. Thank you for commenting I really appreciate it.

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